Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

...It's Monday again. 

Is it just me, or do these weekends go by entirely too quickly? I mean I feel like I leave work on Friday, blink a few times, and then it's Monday morning again. Need a few more blinks, please.

It's been a while since I've wrapped up a weekend on here, but since this past one was a pretty full one, an it's currently monsoon-ing here in Dallas, I thought I'd give it a go!

Friday night kicked off with a GALsgiving!

What is a Galsgiving, you ask? Galsgiving is a bunch of women, a bunch of food, and a lot of yappin. :)

Lisa and her roomies (see the three of them nestled at the bottom of this here picture) invited all the women in their lives for a good old fashioned potluck dinner. Like, think a country Sunday morning lunch after church. That style. 

We ate - no, we FEASTED, we chatted, we met new people, we shared what we were thankful for, and we just....gathered. 

It was fun to meet new people, but also see some old faces you don't see very often!

And it's ALWAYS good to hug those faces you just don't get to see enough of.

Love this little hostess. Besties for a decade and still going strong! (Take note of the unintentional matching...we're just good like that).

Saturday morning, Amy and I woke up at the booty crack of dawn and headed to Canton's Trade Days. We attempted to go mid-morning on last month's trade days, but it was so packed I literally got there and turned around. 

So we drove there way early. Like in the dark way early. Like sometimes earlier than I even wake up for work early.

...that's early. 

We just had so much fun. We don't get sister time very often and so it's just so refreshing when we do! And shopping is also always a win!

Nevermind our lack of makeup. Again, it was early. 

BUT - lookie what I got! This was my one goal of the trip. We all know I love Christmas dishes, and last year I told you how my mom buys me one every year. WELL - this year? This year I wanted a plate with my future last name.

With the name of "Smith," you can imagine just how many example/display plates I have seen this name plastered on over the years. Like....a bajillion. But now that we're all betrothed and stuff, I bought me one. 

I love my new little name plate :)

OH - and speaking of my new little name, while I was at Canton I got pictures of my future husband dressed up like a penguin. At a 1-year-old's birthday party. 

I foresee a lot of fun in my future :)

Then Saturday night we had an Australian party. 

Say what now? 

Yes. An Australian party. 

Kristie's birthday fell while we were in Adelaide, AU (which is like the Napa of Australia). So naturally, we celebrated her birthday by touring a bunch of wineries (this is where I would put a link to that blog post but I'm like ridiculously delinquent on those puppies so you'll just have to read about it later). 

Anywho - so long story short, we had very limited suitcase space. Like. VERY limited. But we wanted to come home with Australian wine because... it was Australian wine. #helloduh

SO, to solve the space issue, we just decided we'd split the cost of the vino, share the suitcase space, and then share the wine back in the states. ..and because we are nice, we decided to share it with the men, too. 

And because we can't do anything without a theme (I mean, remember our Grease watch party?!), we basically brought a taste of Australia to America. 

And I got to bust out my Australian flag shorts. 

What was on the menu? Well....


Shrimp on the Barbie
Cheese, Crackers, and Chutney
(the chutney we brought back from NZ!)

Main Meal:

Aussie Meat Pies and Chips


(like, you can totally order these off Amazon, people)

Aussie vino, meat pies, chips and tomato sauce. HOMEMADE. 
Okay the chips were frozen, but that's neither here nor there.

Matching Roo shirts and matching Ugg slippers!

 And the boys in their Rugby shirts :)

Then we forced kindly asked the boys to watch our Aussie slideshow. 

And then I wanted to go back to Australia really really badly. 

But Bailey was having none of that. 

After the slideshow it was time for the TIM TAM SLAM. 

So remember when I told you how to do a tim tam slam? Well I always did it with milk. And apparently that's how the children do it. Adults are supposed to do it with wine. 

So we did. 
Out of Waterford wine glasses. 
And it was hysterical. 

 Like I crack up just looking at this and reliving it. 
Then the boys did it and it was so anticlimactic it's not even worth sharing. 

I loved our little Aussie party :)

Then Sunday I was supposed to go to a baby shower, but the 24-hour stomach bug got me. So I stayed in, snuggled with Char, and watched Hallmark Christmas movies. Getting sick in November/December isn't half bad when you have Hallmark to help you out. 

And that was my weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! And if it wasn't too happy - well, it's almost over.:)

Until next time,


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