Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

We have made it to FRIDAY! And it's an AMAZING Friday because it's a FRIDAY before being OFF OF WORK for an ENTIRE week!!!! 

I love Thanksgiving week. I love the family time. I love the food. I love the Macy's Day Parade. I love the transition into Christmas decorations. I just love this week. Corporate America only gives you a couple of days off, but I make sure to take the whole week off each year. It's just an important week. 

AND today is even more exciting because Jeff and I get married
Insert all the smiles and claps. 
Then insert a slice of anxiety. Cause I really should start planning.

Anywho - today I'm linking up for some Friday Favorites. So the usual around here :)

 1 - The Good Wife

This. Show. 

My mom has been telling me to watch this show for years but I just never did. I honestly didn't think it was my cup of tea, so I started it one day just as "background noise." Yeah that was a mistake. I totally got roped in and now watch it every chance I get. Like I'm behind on my regular TV shows because I always turn on this. It's a problem. But it's such a good entertaining problem. I want to be Alicia Florrick. 

If you've been wanting to check it out you can watch the entire show on Hulu!

2 - Fall Gift Basket
So I think I've told you this before, but my future MIL makes me and Jeff seasonal baskets every year. And they're like my favorite things ever. If you're a mom - your kids are never too old to get a themed gift basket. I promise. 
I'm not sure what was in Jeff's (I took mine and ran for the hills) - but the contents of mine made me want to sing a fallelujah. Hah. I'm chuckling. Fallelujah. That's funny. 
I mean we have wine, dark chocolate wafer cookies (they're from World Market and delicious), Trader Joe's pumpkin pita chips, pumpkin granola, B&BW goodies, a Starbucks gift card - all the yeses here, folks. And she gave me a new fall decorative towel (which I shared on Monday with my fall decorations) that Jeff thinks is a normal towel that he can wipe his hands on. He has learned he is highly mistaken.

3 - Guilt-Free Pumpkin Muffins

On Tuesday I shared about my love for the muffin, my inner struggle with the muffin top, and how I've come up with a recipe that gives you one without the other. Meaning it gives you the muffin without the muffin top, because the other way around is just downright mean. 

They're guilt-free, they're delicious, they're fall flavored, and they should be on your menu next week! If you missed the recipe you can check it out here.

4 - Favorite Quotes

So, you'll notice a theme here.... but I'm really tired. Work right now mildly resembles being in an ocean with a hole in your floatie (aka drowning), and adding life to that just has me plum worn out. So these spoke to my heart this week. 

I mean. This one I want to put on a t-shirt and wear as my daily uniform. I can't stay up late anymore, I can't wake up early anymore - I can barely stay awake during the lunch hour. I am the pigeon.
So... me 3x out of the week. My thoughts: if you're already 10 minutes late, what's 10 more if it means I'll have coffee in a red cup and therefore obviously be in better spirits? I digress.

My sister sent this to me and I laughed out loud. The past couple of weeks I get ready every morning and I'm like, "maybe I need new make-up, should I try R+F?, I should look into getting chemical peels..."

....I think I just need a break. And it sounds a lot cheaper, too :)

5 - Starbucks Christmas Coffee Thermos

I was in Starbucks the other morning (probably running late to work), and this caught my eye while waiting in line. #theygetmeeverytime Its a Christmas coffee thermos (so like a mug on steroids...and you know I have a mug obsession) and it comes in 5 different designs and I want them all. 

Do I need all 5? Why yes, yes I do. I have a 30+ minute commute every day and therefore I drink coffee (out of a thermos) every day on that drive. Math is my thing - and that math tells me I need lots of thermoses. And they're just more fun if they're seasonal.

6 - My Bridal Posse

This picture just makes my heart happy. I asked my girls to be bridesmaids this week, and part of the "gift" was these sunglasses in which they had to accept their positions by sending me a selfie. I honestly had no intention of making a collage, but when the pictures came back looking like this, it was just too cute not to. I love these girls. 

7 - Gilmore Girls Reunion

"Katy, you've already talked about this twice in the past month...."

I KNOW. But it is actually happening ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. 

I'm just too dang excited. I can't sit still. I miss Stars Hollow. I miss the coffee. I miss the quick-witted banter. I'm just so ready for this four part series. Along with the rest of the world. Netflix ain't even gonna know what hit it on November 25th.  If you need to get pumped up again, watch the trailer here.

PS - If you didn't watch the show, don't watch the reunion. Watch the seasons first.


And those are my Friday Favorites! 

I'm just too excited about the next 10 days. Lots of wedding stuff, lots of family stuff, lots of Thanksgiving stuff, lots of Christmas decorating. 

Just lots of smiles. 

Happy weekend everyone!

Until next time,


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