Monday, November 14, 2016

Falliday Decorations

Happy Monday!

So - it's mid-November. And that means we're in the last two weeks of the reign of the pumpkin. And while my decorations have been up for about a month and a half now, I never posted about them. 


Well, 1) I mean, do you really care what my apartment looks like in the fall?, and 2) because pictures just don't do decorations justice. 

But nevertheless, I know I'll enjoy looking back on my (last) little apartment before I have to get to live with a boy. Plus these posts always serve as a really good inventory when I go to buy new decorations. 

So here we go :)

Welcome :)

So this little guy is what you see when you first walk in my apartment door, but before you walk in, you're welcomed by this welcome sign:

You're welcomed on the inside, you're welcomed on the outside. I mean - ultimate hospitality here!

My dad and I built this welcome sign (because I saw one at Canton but it was just too expensive), and then I bought the welcome sign and the various change outs. I have one for every season and it makes my heart oh so happy :)

I have a pretty long kitchen counter top in my new place, so that's where the majority of my decorations went.  And I completely understand that it looks like fall barfed on said countertop, but I promise it looks good in person. I also promise that there's a good amount of space on said countertop, it just doesn't look like it because of the angle.

On the left side of the counter you have the lantern and the FALL candle blocks...

And on the right you have MY AWESOME FALL SUBWAY ART THAT LISA MADE ME, and some more little punkin knick-knacks.

If you don't know the story behind this canvas, I basically drew it (in ugly form) on a piece of paper, gave it to Lisa, told her to paint it on a canvas, and this was the result. I've bragged on it every year since. I even wrote an entire post bragging on it. I bragged so much, the girl got subway art orders. I mean - she should own a shop. #andIshouldbehermarketingdepartment

Behind the counter in the kitchen we have two new little additions this year - fall decorative towels! Jeff was over one day, used one, and got smacked. I informed him that towels hanging off the stove are for our eyes and not our hands. He sighed, shook his head, and walked off. Marriage should be fun :)

Jeff's mom gave me the one on the left, and my mom gave me the one on the right! 

Jeff's mom also gave me this little gem from Bath and Body Works that not only looks cute, but keeps my house smelling like pumpkin pecan waffles. Like.. I wake up, walk into the kitchen, and half-expect a gourmet breakfast on the table. Unfortunately, the plug-in does not have magic powers.

So,if you've been around here for a while, then you know this is next decorative section is one of my favorite set-ups. The very first year I decided to decorate (and had a whopping zero decorations), I was home in Beaumont and my mom wasn't available to go to Hobby Lobby with me. So my sweet dad offered to go with me. 

I had no idea what I was doing or looking for, and hello, the Hob Lob is a tad overwhelming if you're new at the whole decorating thing, so my dad started grabbing random pieces from various shelves and put this together in the middle of the aisle. And I said "I'll take it!" 

It's been set up the exact same way for about four years in a row now :)

I really should probably name her. I'm surprised I haven't yet. That's so unlike me.

And finally, we have the little coffee table action...

Complete with fall magazines from Paula Deen and Southern Living :) 

And then when you sit on the couch...

Surprise! Tiger pumpkins and mini-pumpkins on the bottom. Courtesy of an impulse buy at the grocery store. 

And those are my fall decorations this year! To see last year's decor click here. Which is basically the same stuff in a different house. Me thinks I need to go to the Hob Lob over Thanksgiving and get me some more! 

And if you missed it, you can see all my fall plates and such at my annual fall scarf exchange recap. I have an obsession with dishes. Registering for the wedding is going to be #triggerhappy

Okay, so TOMORROW is another Trim Down Tuesday - featuring a fall comfort food. So you basically can't miss it. So I guess I'll just see you then. :)

Happy Monday everyone! One more week til Turkey Week! 

Until next time,


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