Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Subway Art

Good morning! 

Y'all, I am so beyond excited to share what was hand-delivered to my doorstep yesterday.

Are you ready? 

I don't think you're ready. 


Is this not incredible? My (extremely talented) bestie Lisa surprised me with this on my doorstep last night. Helloooooo happiness. How amazing is she? I mean I just can't get over it. I'm staring at it in person right now and I'm just in awe. 

I got really hooked on subway art but couldn't find one that had all the words I wanted. SO, I drew up my own design and asked Lisa to make one for me! The ironic part is that I asked her for this last fall, so it really was a surprise when she delivered it yesterday! :) Hey - life happens.

And it was absolutely worth the wait. It came out even more perfect that I could have ever imagined. I mean...check out what I gave the poor girl to work with....

That's how Katy does "art." I mean, do you see the coffee cup she put by the Pumpkin Spice? I saw it and immediately just said, "is that the Central Perk cup?" And she just smiled. She will forever be the Monica to my Rachel. 

I just can't get over it. I'm in love. I mean I don't really want to give the girl a side business if she doesn't want one, but I would recommend this girl for any art/signage project. I texted my mom and she responded with "tell her I want one!" So Lis, you might have another order coming your way! :)

Lisa is talented, but she's also an amazing person. Like one of the most amazing people I've met. If you looked up "bundle of joy" in the dictionary, this girl would pop up.

You can read her health journey over at Finding Fit and find her on instagram @designerlisa. 

Oh, and she's the godmother to my dog. He adores her. Pictures with mom? Not a chance. Pictures with Lisa? He's all over it. 

EEKS!!!! So excited. And since I haven't shut up about fall even though it's still close to triple digits in Texas, I shall leave you with this funny:


Have a great Tuesday!

Until next time,


  1. i want one, too! except i probably need to get a house to put it in first.