Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell - Dinner Party Guests

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday, and the topic is:

"What five people would you invite to a dinner party at your house?"

Listen - this was hard. Did I want to have a girls night? Could people that have passed away attend? Can characters attend? No really - I easily could have invited the characters from Friends and called it a day. 

But alas, I think I found five....albeit a random five...but here we go!

First up, we have Carrie Underwood

...is anyone surprised? I have a huge obsession girl crush on Carrie. I was trying to figure out the reasoning for why I liked her so much, and then remembered that my friend Kristie laid it out for me when we were watching CMA Fest. She's got insane hair (yes, she also has a hair stylist but it still stands), she's a country music superstar (so she has my dream job), she always puts God first ('nuff said), she's got a rockin' body (wonder what that's like), and a cutie patootie husband and kid. I mean, what's not to love? 

Now, I'll have to admit, at this dinner party I may nonchalantly start humming a tune so she asks "oh Katy, do you sing?" and I can be like "YEAH girl can I go on tour with you?!" I mean seriously. If I want Carrie to sing some of the songs I've written, I might as well start with dinner! Plus I really do genuinely want to meet her. 

Next up we have none other than George W. Bush

Now, I'm not big into politics, so he doesn't get an invitation for that reason, but I just sincerely want to hug this guys neck. Always have. I do think he was an amazing President, but I really just want to ask him about his take on life. As a father, as a granddaddy, as a man who once had the post powerful job title in our nation - I bet he would have some great advice on life in general. Plus he's just adorable. 

Okay, next on our list we have the beautiful Kate Middleton

I mean HELLO - she's royal. Okay, that's not the only reason. I just obviously want to be around pretty people with good hair. ...Okay that's not the only reason either. Kate has an incredible story. She was a commoner like the rest of us, fell in love, and married into royalty. I'm pretty sure Hallmark has like 42 movies based around that storyline, but it's Kate's real story. 

I also think she is the epitome of a lady. She's beautiful, poised, elegant, and full of grace - but has a genuine smile that draws everyone into her. Not to mention the girl has a rockin' style. I'd honestly rather get a hair tutorial and go to the mall with her, but I guess we'll start with dinner. 

OH - and I know we can only invite 5 guests to this party, but I'd absolutely have a booster seat/high chair ready for baby George and little Charlotte.

Alrighty...next up we have the one and only Miss Paula Deen

 Of course I want to hang out with Paula Deen! I absolutely love to bake, and this woman can bake with the best of them. Not to mention she is hilarious. Did y'all see her on DWTS last night? I was.cracking.up. She is just a hoot. I mean, I'd probably tell her dinner started at noon and then make her cook dinner with me so I could take notes. Can you blame me? 

And finally, I would invite sir Jimmy Fallon to my dinner party!

I think this man is just incredible. He is hilarious, accommodating, talkative, and comfortable in any situation...which is why I need him in my smorgasbord of a dinner party. I would love to know his favorite guests to have on the show, what celebrities he considers actual friends, and where he wants to take his show/career next. I think Jimmy is just an all around great guy. 

So there you have it! To my party I would invite...

a country superstar
a former President
a duchess
a food phenomenon
and a talk show host (to tie it all together)

Who would YOU invite? Beware when you start thinking about it. It can kind of stress you out a bit! I'm just glad the question didn't also include "what would you serve?" Because I have not a clue. 

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Until next time,


  1. I'm dying over everything you wrote explaining your reasoning for inviting Carrie! Girl, you never have to explain Carrie to me! Just say her name and I'll go along with it!

    Angela @ Top Knots and Curly Locks

  2. Cool post... great guests! I love Carrie and I'm obsessed with Kate. Can I be invited to this party?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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