Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Good morning! 

What a great weekend. Saturday was the first Baylor home game of the season, so me and my college girls grabbed our boys and headed down to Waco. Due to schedules, it's rare for all of us to get together at the same game, but this weekend the majority of us could get down there (we missed you Lane!).

 Why thank you, Waco. It was good to be back. 

Jeff and I headed down pretty early Saturday morning, simply because I had to visit my favorite coffee shop and indulge before the festivities started. And boy was that my smartest idea ever. Common Grounds is my hands down favorite coffee shop in the world. Iced Rodeo Clowns are the gateway to my soul. ....not that I'm one for dramatics. 

So Jeff and I grabbed some coffee and walked across campus to meet Lauren and Cody at the bookstore. The Baylor bookstore is a daaangerous place at the beginning of football season. It's like something inside me snaps and I just want one of everything. If it's green, gold, or says the word "Baylor" I have to have it. Sigh. I also think Jeff was a little overwhelmed by the sea of green and gold - but he toughed it out :)

Me, Jeff, and the one and only Pat Neff

 Lauren and I just wanted a picture under the Baylor flags...

Then the four of us snuck in went and visited the new Baylor business building that opened this semester. Let me tell you what - those business students have it made. We all just walked in and stared. Quite a bit of an upgrade from our days at "Hankamer High...."

If you are an alumni, the new business school is a must-see. Make sure you stop by the next time you're in town!

Then it was time to meet the rest of our crew at George's (a required experience for our boys who weren't Bears) and then head to campus for some tailgating. 

This is what happens when you have a large group and only one parking pass..

My absolute favorite walk is crossing the bridge from the campus to the new stadium. It has (what I think is) the greatest view of the stadium. Which just happens to be perfect for pictures, too :)

Probably my new favorite picture of us. Doesn't he look good in green? :)

Tailgating at the George's tent. One is actually a Baylor bear, and the other two are just an Aggie and a Sooner who appease the requests of their women....

 Then it was GAME TIME. 

Hey there McLane. You look good. 

This kid is the best sport. He will travel down to Waco, wear Baylor gear, and mingle with all things green and gold, but when push comes to shove, he's going to live stream the OU game. He's a true Sooner. I can't blame him (too much) for that.

This was the real reason we planned this weekend. We just wanted a group photo. These girls right here have my heart. I love this school and the people that are in my life forever because of it. 

We then headed back out to George's tent for more tailgating and mingling. That's what I love about going back for Baylor games. You'll just be walking along and then someone yells your name and it's a huge reunion. I saw so many faces and hugged so many necks of people I only see every football season. So yes, while I may not be an avid sports fan (but I'm getting better!), I love the friendships that the season reinstates :)

We love the Kids! And if I may speak boldly, I think these two guys really enjoyed their first Baylor game experience. I have a feeling it is going to result in me traveling to Norman and Emily finding herself in route to College Station - but I guess it comes with the territory.

 Roommate love. Please note we tried to take a roommate picture like 37 times and didn't like any of them. So we made one black and white and called it a day. Black and white fixes everything. Love her.

And that was pretty much the weekend! Not overly crazy, but a perfect weekend. It was exactly the home game I was hoping for. And to top it off - another Baylor win! (OU won too, just in case you were wondering...) This weekend set the bar pretty high for this football season. And to all my fellow Baylor alumni: if I didn't see you this time - we better make it happen next game!

Until next time,

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  1. You failed to mention they played your hometown school :) womp, womp...

  2. How fun! College game day is always so much fun and being there is even better!!

  3. Great pictures! So neat that you all were able to get together. Thanks for linking up this week. Loving your blog!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle