Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites


Surprise, surprise - I'm linking up and sharing some of my favorites of the week!

But before we get into the favorites, I want to give a huge shout out to my favorite mama! It's her birthday today - and she deserves SO much love and celebration. I just adore this woman. You can read here about all the reason's why she's wonderful. Happy Birthday, Mom! Can't wait to celebrate with you!

Isn't she the cutest?

Alright -back to the favorites. 

1. Pumpkin and Lemon Noosa

Back in one of my July Favorites, I told you how my favorite yogurt was the honey-flavored Noosa. (Plus their yogurt comes from happy cows, remember?) Well this week I branched out and bought both the lemon and pumpkin flavored Noosa, and my taste buds and I decided I should buy stock in this company. Their yogurt is SO delicious! The lemon genuinely tastes similar to my favorite lemon pie filling, and the pumpkin just tastes like your mouth is full of the fallidays. You have to try this yogurt! Plus...c'mon. You know I have to give you something pumpkin flavored like every Friday now, right? :)

See all fifteen Noosa flavors here

2. The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

Y'all - I was planning to talk about this book in my September book review, but I am so completely obsessed with this book I just can't wait. I joined a small group at church and this was the first book that was chosen for the study. If you are a female who wonders where your life is going, wonders where your hours fly away to each day, finds yourself caught up in people-pleasing, or are a victim of the routine of an overwhelming schedule - then you have to read this book. I'm only three chapters in and I just can't get enough. I kept texting Jeff pictures of paragraphs because I'm just amazed at how appropriate it is for this point in my life. Oh, and she's funny. 

Some of my favorite quotes from the book so far:

"We must not confuse our command to love with the disease to please."

"A woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul."

"The decisions we make dictate the schedules we keep. The schedules we keep determine the lives we live. The life we live determines how we spend our soul."

It's a must-red.

 3. The Pumpkin Collection at Pottery Barn

Um. Let's talk about this. Do you SEE those pumpkin mugs?! I did a little online shimmie over to Pottery Barn last night and was graced with all things pumpkin, pretty, and pottery. My jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out of my head. Imagine that wide-eyed emoji, if you will. I mean, I know that as a 27-year old I don't have a need or space for all of these things, but you better believe this is now on my list of adult goals. Give me the pumpkin drinkware. I mean that pumpkin drink dispenser is begging for a Falliday party, don't you think? 

 4. Friday Favorite Quote

Can I get an AMEN?! I can seriously crawl in bed completely and utterly exhausted at 9 pm, pull out my phone to check "one thing" - and bam. It's 11 o'clock and I am officially caught up on worthless knowledge and pictures of random people I've never met in my life. Thank you social media. Thank you for stealing my Zzzzs. 

5. Cinnamon Pound Cake Loaf

And last but not least, I leave you with my first favorite fall bread (from Mrs. Paula Deen) - the cinnamon pound cake loaf. I shared this with y'all Wednesday morning, took it to work, and it was completely gone by noon. I went for a post-lunch piece and was met by cinnamon loaf crumbs. I suggest you make your own this weekend, and I can pretty much bet you already have all of the ingredients in your cabinet. 

Let me set this up for you: a cool 60-degree Saturday morning, a quiet house before the college football madness ensues, a large cup of steaming hot coffee, a fuzzy blanket, and a nice slice of this cinnamon loaf. Can you see it? :)

 Find the recipe here!


And those are this week's favorites! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm headed down to Baylor with my crew, and I'm pretty dang excited about it. Fellow Bears, I'll see you in Waco! Everyone else - see you Monday :)

Until next time,


  1. Love that quote because that's totally what I am doing right now!