Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Another week down means another Friday of Favorites! 


Some of you may be over the snowpocalypse, but I'm not. We have plenty of warm sunny days here in Texas, so I'll take what I can get. I personally have grown accustomed to falling asleep to sleet hitting my window and waking up to a white wonderland. I feel so.....northern. 

Char Man is still getting used to it. I think he likes snow, but stepping on ice and falling through to ice cold water is not his favorite. But he sure is pretty in it :)

I didn't go grocery shopping on Sunday so the lack of food in the house meant I had to venture out. Luckily, we live within walking distance of a lot of restaurants. I walked slid around until I reached an open (and empty) Potbelly. Ordered a warm sandwich and cup of soup, got to the checkout station, and heard the words "can I also get an oreo milkshake?" coming out of my mouth. No joke. 

So, yep, I was the girl trudging through snow in 28 degree weather sipping on a milkshake. You say crazy. I say dedicated. 

2. Daily Greens Juice

 So speaking of milkshakes, I love drinking my vegetables. I love eating them, too, but drinking cold-pressed veggies is much easier. And I really like the taste! I've tried a lot of different brands, but I've decided my favorite is the Daily Greens brand. They're SO good. They have six different flavors and they're all titled fun things like "renew," or "rejuvenate." Names that make your innards feel good :)

They were developed by a young mom who survived breast cancer and started this business. The proof is in the ingredients: the juice of the veggies. Yes, Kelsey has a juicer and yes I probably could make my own, but this is just easier. I'm paying for convenience. They're about $6/bottle (which is much cheaper than other brands I've tried), and to me, totally worth it.

3. Friday Night Lights

If you read my post on Tuesday, you know this is my newfound guilty pleasure. I can't stop, y'all. It's so good. And perfect timing for all these crazy snow days. Probably another reason I don't mind being cooped up. I get to be cooped up with Tim Riggins :)

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose. 

4. Coconut Oil

My skin gets ridiculously dry in the winter, and this week has been really rough. I'm notorious for scalding hot showers/baths, and that's not really good for your skin. But, alas, I do it anyways. Earlier this week, I took a shower, put on lotion, and my skin was so dry it legitimately started burning.  So, I busted out the coconut oil. 

Most people have this in their pantry, but I have this in my bathroom. If you have dry skin - this stuff is a lifesaver. It's a solid when you scoop it out, but when it touches your body heat it melts into an oil. Cool (and weird), huh? Granted, when you first put it on, you will feel like a greased pig. It takes a good half hour to sink into your skin. But when it does? Oh glory be. Due to the 'greased pig' affect, I would use this in the morning and let it sink in while you're getting ready. I'm serious y'all. I so love this stuff.

5. Monkey Bread

More in line with the milkshake and less in line with the green juice, if you didn't see my post on this yesterday, you've got to try this recipe. Why? Because it's cheap, easy, and I haven't found someone yet who hasn't loved it. (Of no credit to my own, it's just that scrumptious!)

And that's all I got! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm everyone! And for those of you in Dallas, it travels up to the 70s this time next week. Hang in there - a reprieve is coming soon!

Until next time,

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  1. Hey! I found you on the link up. I cannot believe you had a milkshake in the snow. I sure hope you got warm after that :) I love coconut oil too. It is amazing! Have a great weekend!