Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

I LOVE Easter weekend. We all know how much I'm obsessed with Christmas, but Easter weekend is a close second. I love what it represents, I love the church service, I love colorful Easter eggs, I love making baskets, I love the family time. I just love Easter weekend! 

I also love having a place to document weekends like these. Last week I went and re-read how we celebrated Easter last year and it made me chuckle all over again. #eggdyefail 

So let's recap: Easter Weekend Edition 2016

Last year I started the tradition of giving Brooklyn an Easter basket, and while it was fun last year (when she was 2.5), it was even more fun this year as a three and a half year old. Watching those big eyes light up as you walk in with a pretty pink basket just makes for one happy aunt. 

This was her basket this year: 

This year I found the $1 section of Target and it was brilliant. I got four different colors of spray chalk and those pink sunglasses all for $1 each. Add a 400-page coloring book and 64-pack of crayons (because who doesn't love sharp new crayons), a pretty pink nailpolish (because Amy paints her nails now and B is OH-so proud of them), peeps, chocolate bunnies, eggs filled with M&Ms, and little chocolate eggs and there you have it! Pretty simple (and cheap!) to make but pretty exciting for a kiddo. 

OH - and the Easter grass. You can't forget the Easter grass. Brooklyn throws it all over the house and Amy curses my name. I'm going to be so sad when she's old enough to keep the grass in the basket. 

Speaking of baskets. Jeff's sweet mom gives me and Jeff a basket for like every holiday. Valentines, Easter, Halloween - you name it. And I must say, I look forward to it each and every time. Care packages and gift baskets have gone out of style, and we need to bring them back. Just a little something to make people special. Cause these make me feel special :)

Saturday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous in Dallas so I headed down to Amy's house for all things Easter. First things first (post-Easter-basket-break-down), was the kite flying. My mom bought Brooklyn a kite (that was less than $2) and it provided that child with the absolute time of her life. 

Look at that face - pure joy. 

She spent probably 20 minutes just running around the yard, staring at the sky, trying to chase the kite. My neck hurts just thinking about it. I captured this video that cracks me up. Make sure you listen for the following phrases:

"Can't make it!"
"Can't get that kite."
"Wait for me guys!"

After the kite chasing, Brooklyn wanted to show us her T-Ball skills. She wasn't quite sure if she was through with her kite, so like a selfless granddaddy, my dad just stood in the middle of the yard holding the kite while B tended to her other festivities. Great man. 

We learned that Brooklyn has better hand-eye coordination than I do. And she's a switch hitter.

And though he can't chase kites or play t-ball yet, this little stud-muffin was certainly outside under an umbrella hanging out!

After a while out in the sun, we decided that dad could reel in the kite, and we'd go inside for some egg-dye action. Now, if you read my Easter post last year, we didn't do so hot on the egg dyeing skills. But my sister is quite the quick learner, and this year we were more than prepared! And highly excited :)

First egg in! Rotating the egg very carefully... Though a couple hours later the rotation was not-so-careful and blue dye water was all over the counter :)

Jeff showed up! Both in deep egg-dye concentration.

Dad documenting Amy documenting Brooklyn.


Brooklyn decided she needed a break to eat a chocolate bunny. And that is why I love Easter weekend. You take breaks from dyeing eggs to eat chocolate bunnies. 

Love my little chocolate covered mouth squirt. 

Then we went back outside for playing and egg hunting. Gotta take advantage of these gorgeous days while we have them!

The big kid wanted his turn flying the kite. Sadly he didn't chase it around the yard. That would have been quite the video. 

Brooklyn wanted to share her umbrella shade with us. So of course we crouched down and obliged. 

Then it was time for hunting. Brookie and I went and colored inside while Jeff and Amy hid the goods. Then it was go time. I tried to be nice and let her find most of them, but then she rubbed it in and told me she had way more eggs in her basket than I did. So next year it's game on :)

 And you can't forget our sport spectators! 

We then had an amazing dinner (my brother in law sure does know how to use a smoker) and hung out. And I captured this picture that just melts my heart. Can't wait to watch these two grow up together.

Sunday morning was an amazing church service and lunch at Jeff's family's place after. And I would love to insert a picture of me and Jeff in our Easter outfits like everyone else and their mama did, but we didn't take one. It was cold and windy. We could take a picture or go get hot coffee. I chose coffee. Picture us in spirit.

Last night I closed the evening with my personal Easter tradition: curled up in bed with my dark chocolate Easter bunny, gnawed off his ears, and saved the rest for later. 

And aside from the bunnies and the eggs and the brightly colored marshmallow peeps, I will leave you with my very favorite Easter picture. 

Cross to crown. Death to victory. 

Do we deserve it? Nope. 
Does that matter? Nope. 

By grace, through faith. That's why we'll get to see Him one day. And quite frankly I can't wait to throw my arms around His neck. 

Happy Easter everyone!

Until next time,


  1. What an awesome Easter! I think the best part of any holiday is the kids! It's so fun to pass down traditions!


  2. Such sweet pictures dying the eggs! Glad you had a good holiday!