Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites: Beauty Products

Hey there Friday. 

How oh-so-happy we are to see you. 

I'm pretty pumped about this weekend simply because I don't have much planned. I truly get to enjoy 2.5 days of rest and relaxation. And a haircut. Praise be for the haircut. 

Today I'm linking up for Friday Favorites - and am super excited because they're themed. Themed favorites are my favorite favorites. 

 So, this just in: I'm getting older. And my skin is getting dryer. And I'm seeing lines in my forehead that stay long after my "girl whatchu talkin' bout" looks I so often give. Remember when your face went back to normal after committing a facial expression? That was cool. 

I decided I needed to ramp up my skin care regimen, so last weekend my mom and I went and played around in Ulta for some products. I did my research, discussed with the people, read reviews, and purchased. I've used these items below for a week now to see what the prolonged result would be. If anything, this has turned me into a product junkie. I'm obsessed with these anti-aging nuggets and want more. So please share your favorites with me so I can add them to my list! 

Oh - and I'm looking for a good pore shrinker. Holler at me if you have a favorite on of those!

1 - Philosophy "Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash"


I was ready for a new cleanser. One that actually made my face feel clean. I knew I wanted an exfoliant, but not one that made me feel like I took off a layer of my face with each wash. The dirt can go, the skin cells should stay. 

I felt up a lot of exfoliants in that store, but kept coming back to this one. In fact, I carried the tester around with me at one point. SO - I decided it needed to come home with me. I bought it - just for clarification. No theft was involved in this process. 

The verdict? I so look forward to washing my face each night. Normally I whine to myself that I'm too tired to do my "nightly skin routine" - but with this one? It's a treat. My face feels cleaner, lighter, and fresh. I'm a huge fan. You can read about it here.


2 - Dermalogica "Intensive Eye Repair"

I also went in looking for something for my eyes. After going through surgeries/radiation, and having to put drops and ointment in my left eye every day - I'm tugging and touching all over my left eye much more than my right. It's bad enough to have your eye skin sag as you age - but to sag unevenly?! Bless. Get me some hydration up in that eye. 

I talked to the Dermalogica representative, explained my situation, and this is what she recommended to me. Y'all - this stuff feels like straight up satin on my face. Even if you don't need eye "repair" they have all kinds of great eye treatments. My mom got the multivitamin power firm. You can check out all their eye products here.


3 - Miss Spa Face Masks

 This is some straight up Man in the Iron Mask looking stuff right here. Except it turns your face into clouds instead of iron. 

I love a good mask. Always have. I totally chalk it up to the movies. You know what I'm talking about - the hair up in a towel, bathrobe on, face mask look. It's every girl's dream. 

My mom and I just happened to come across these in an aisle and decided to give them a try. You put it on your face in two-pieces, let it sit for 45 minutes (which forces you to have to sit down and watch a TV show. Wamp wamp), and then remove and pat in the extra solution. They say $10 on the website, but we found them at Ulta for $2.99. Why, yes. I would love to "awaken my lackluster skin with pearl extract and vitamins" for $2.99. 


4 - Clinique "Moisture Surge Overnight Mask"

My mom is a Clinique user. And she was a Clinique user because her mom was a Clinique user. So when I hit the age where I needed to start deep-cleaning my skin, I too went to Clinigue (and took the test to determine your skin type number). Since then I've branched out to try other brands, but this puppy right here got rave reviews so I had to try it. It's so popular it was sold out in the first store we went to, so I had to go on a little journey to find it. And I'm so glad I did. 

In the words of DJ Tanner, "OH my LANta." If you have dry skin you need this. So you know in the winter when your skin is so dry and itchy you just want to go sit in a tub of lotion? (I seriously hope there's someone else out there who frequently has this thought...) Well that's what this is for your face. While you're sleeping - it's working. And you wake up with like baby skin. I rotate it with my normal night cream every other night, And I look forward to the mask nights. In fact, last night was an off night but I used it anyways. #rebel

Check it out here.

And those are my new beauty product finds! When you put 3-4 creams on your face each night, you know you've officially made it into adulthood. Women unite.

Anyone else have any good ones? And seriously on the pore shrinker. I really need one!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! See you Monday!

Until next time,


  1. All of these products sound so great! I want every single one of them. I'm a product whore, just sayin'.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle