Monday, April 10, 2017

Oh hey.

SO. It's been a while.

Three whole months to be exact.

January and February had very little breathing room thanks to my day job (otherwise known as my only job) and in March I was in recovery mode. Recovery mode meaning sleeping an absurd amount of hours, binge watching TV with Charlie, keeping Blue Bell in business, and generally making a rapid switch from Type A to....Type F. I consider it a talent of mine.

<me in March>

And if I'm honest, a part of me liked taking a break from blogging. I most definitely missed it at times, but I also liked not having to think up a post or document every.single.moment of my life. I love writing, but it began to feel like more work than enjoyment, so I decided to embrace the work-provided hiatus. BUT, over the past couple of weeks I've been finding that I miss it greatly and thought it might be time to come back.

Plus I'm reading books and making recipes with no one to share it with. Which I understand is classified as 'normal' but after blogging for two years it just feels unnatural. I need to share all the things.


I mean, let's not get crazy, today you get nothing of substance other than the announcement of my return (which I just KNOW you were just sweating with anticipation for...), but for today we're just short, sweet, and to the point. 

Happy Monday y'all. I've returned. :)

Until next time,


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