Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! 

It's the last Wednesday of the month (#byeApril), so that means I'm linking up and sharing a little bit of everything :)

What I'm Eating this Week

In case you missed it, I shared a new {healthy} recipe in yesterday's post that is perfect for a porch dinner. Which is perfect for the weather we're having over here in Dallas. It's simple, delicious, and will take you less than twenty minutes. 

It's a Shrimp and Sausage Skillet! Get the recipe here.

What I'm Loving

It's BASEBALL SEASON! If you're a veteran around here you know how much I love me some baseball. Last Saturday we went to our first game with a group of friends, and met up with my sister, BIL, and Brooklyn!

Hot dogs and Hamels are back in my life and I am oh-so happy about it!

Oh, and yes. It was quite cold at the game. Texas weather has more moods than a hormonal pregnant woman. 

What I'm Excited About

Speaking of baseball....

I'm quite excited because next weekend my dad and I are going to our SEVENTH out of state game! On my 27th birthday, I made a list of thirty things I want to accomplish before I turn 30 (in 2018), and going to 10 out of state baseball games with my dad was one of those items. 

And next weekend, we're hitting up a game in Atlanta to check out the Braves' new stadium!

What I'm Working On

Well. Next week is May. And May means we are 6 months from getting hitched. Which means I reeeeeally need to get busy on all this wedding planning business. Y'all - this stuff is no joke. I mean, I love planning parties, you know I love planning parties. But planning a massive one with all the vendors, details, and overall ins-and-outs of this one? Sheesh. 

So that's what I'm working on. And will be working on for the next 6 months :)

What I'm Watching/Reading

I have a new client at work that requires quite a lot of flying, so I've gotten back into my reading groove! I love reading, but I usually go through stints - I'll read 5 books in a row and then not read for like 3 months. Usually because I start binge watching a TV show :) 

So currently, this is what I started reading on the plane yesterday. I read one of her books last year and loved it, and since this one was purple and on sale for $6, I said yes, please!

And then...sigh. I did a bad thing. Well, two bad things. First, I started Hart of Dixie over (for the 3rd time, mind you) and binge watched that in early April, and then last week... I started Parenthood over. Why. WHY. I'm going to be a basketcase on the plane. Why would I do that to myself? #becauseitsjustthatgood 

This Is Us = Parenthood = Brothers and Sisters

All the feels for these shows.

What I'm Wearing

Anything I could possible wear in engagement pictures next week. Actually - help a sister out. I'm currently looking for a colored blousy top to wear with white jeans. If you've seen any cute ones, send them over. Better yet, if I know you and you have some in your closet, please call me asap :)

What I'm Doing this Weekend

One of my best friends had her sweet baby boy yesterday, so I'm hoping to go get some serious snuggles with him this weekend!!

What Else is New

Honestly, not much. Traveling every week is taking a lot out of me, so I'm trying to readjust my "normal" routine to account for all of it. Hence why the blogging has been sparse :)

And that's a little bit of what's up this Wednesday!

Have a great day everyone!


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