Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites

Y'all. It has been a hot minute since I've done some Friday Favorites. 

Probably because every time I make it to Friday I feel like I've been drop-kicked in a pile of cow droppings. (Graphic description necessary for emphasis)

But alas, we have made it to Friday and I am STILL STANDING. So you get some favorites. 
...okay, fine. I have today off. That's the real reason why you get favorites. 

Either way - they're here. So let's get down to business. 

1 - Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Okay, so I have done a LOT of taste testing on falliday flavored K-cups, and this has won the coveted prize of being titled my very favorite. It has just enough pumpkin flavor - but still tastes like coffee. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good pumpkin misto from Starbucks every now and then, but that thing is like dessert. I can't drink dessert every morning. 

Well actually I could (and I'm up for the challenge), but I'd be as big as the side of the house. This coffee let's me add a little almond milk, a little sweetener, and enjoy the perfect pumpkin joe. My only complaint is that they don't call it "Dunkin Punkin." Like hello  - how catchy is that? I mean they should probably let me run their fall marketing campaign. 

Speaking of seasonal coffee... I went to the store this week to get some more of this fall goodness when I saw THIS. 

Y'all. This is my Christmas coffee kryptonite. I even blogged last year about how it was the perfect stocking stuffer. But one question. 

Why is it out in the middle of October? 

Like give the pumpkins a fighting chance!

I mean I'll be honest...I picked up a box (Dunkin Punkin in one hand, Starby's holiday blend in the other), but then decided to throw all of my support at the pumpkins until December. 


2 - Favorite Quotes

Speaking of coffee - Jen Hatmaker posted this on instagram the other day and I audibly proclaimed a hallelujah. 

I will not drink black coffee. If that makes me high maintenance and unhealthy then so be it. But I love my tastebuds. I respect them. I want them to be happy. So I treat them right. And if that means my coffee includes a little almond milk and artificial sweetener (pretty sure all my paleo, whole 30, beachbody, advocare, and plexus friends just died a little inside) - then alright. 

Also, I don't ever get political over here, and honestly never will, but I saw this on my newsfeed the other day and it made me chuckle. This is my stance. 


3 - Baylor Homecoming

Ah, Baylor Homecoming. Most definitely one of my top three weekends of the fall. And this year, I got to share the weekend with my future hubby! And I'm pretty sure by the end he felt like green and gold just up-n-ralphed on him. But he survived :) If you missed the recap, you can check it out here.


4 - Gilmore Girls Reunion

And all the Stars Hollow fans rejoice.

These photos surfaced this week, and I sure did save them all and make a collage for Friday Favorite purposes - cause that's how deeply I'm dedicated. I am SO stinking excited for this. I just re-watched the whole series again earlier this year, but I'm wondering if I have time to re-watch it again before November 25th. 

Speaking of November 25th - if you need me, I apologize. I will be stuffed with turkey, recovering from black Friday, and therefore doing nothing but chillin in my jammies watching this four part Netflix series. 

Well, and crying tears of joy. That, too. If you missed the promo video, you can check it out here.


5 - My Dad

Okay, no one will care about this except me. But I want this documented so I can go read/laugh at it later in life. Side note: all of the kids in my family make fun of my mom having a tiny head and my dad having a very large head. It's just a running joke in the family. 

So my mom and I went to dinner on Wednesday, and this was the conversation between my dad and I afterwards:

Are you laughing? Probably not. I can't even type right I'm laughing so hard. Still. I called him after to ask if he was concussed and he said the bleeding had stopped. I just can't with this man. He is too much. 


6 - Sleep Without You - Brett Young
Road Less Traveled - Lauren Alaina

 These are my two current country jams. Brett's song makes me raise my hands and dance in my cubicle. And I love the harmonies. Oh and his eyes. Those things are dreamy. 

So my love for Lauren Alaina goes all the way back to American Idol. It was down to her and Scotty McCreary and I didn't really care who won as long as they'd get married. In case you wondered, they never even dated, but I'm still holding out hope. I'm also still holding out hope for Justin and Britney. I don't let go easily. 

No but really - her song is a good one. It basically talks about being true to yourself and not folding into the mold. Hence, take the road less traveled. And girl has some PIPES. If I could hear her and Carrie duet, my fan girl would be in overdrive.  


And those are my Friday Favorites! This weekend includes a double date, a gender reveal, the fair with my sister/niece, and a large amount of rest-n-relaxation. And all the people said amen.

Happy weekend everyone!

Until next time,


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