Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: Stocking Stuffers

We've made it to Friday!! 

First off - let me tell you that this post is a scheduled-published post I wrote last night, because right now (depending on when you read this), I'm either anxiously awaiting or snuggling with my new  nephew! Prayers for mama and baby are both coveted and appreciated!

Today, per usual, I'm linking up for Friday Favorites - but this week we're doing a little something different. This week we're doing stocking stuffers! And stocking stuffers under $25!

It is the 11th of December - so either you're almost through with shopping, smack dab in the middle, or haven't even started. No matter what the case - I have a feeling this post will be beneficial. Everyone loves a good stocking stuffer - they're safe for those you know like the back of your hand, as well as those you don't know so well. 

So here we go!

1 - Christmas Blend Coffee
$12.95 at Starbucks

....okay, so this one might be personalized/biased (someone please get me this) - but hear me out. Christmas/holiday blend coffee is just good coffee. It's just absolutely delicious. But here's the thing - after December....IT'S GONE. So after pumpkin spice coffees and Christmas blends, you're stuck roughin' out the last few months of winter with regular ole coffee. No bueno. So buy your special someone every box you can find a box or bag and let them experience a little holiday in January!

Which leads me to....


2 - Mugs!


I have a coffee mug obsession. That's nothing new. But when I saw these at Pier One the other night, I knew I had to include them. They're gold and white and so pretty in person! And right now they're on sale for $8! I always think of mugs for people at work. Don't let people drink their morning beverages out of plastic (or heaven forbid Styrofoam) cups. Coffee tastes better in a mug, people. 

Target, Anthro, and Pier One all have really cute mugs right now!


3 - Emi Jay Hair Ties
1 for $3 or 5 for $11

 These puppies are a girl's best friend. For those of you who don't know, these things have changed the world of hair ties. They come in solid colors and prints; they don't leave creases in your hair, they're not so tight that you have headaches, and they're not so unattractive sitting on your wrist while not being used. Get some in every color and you can just color coordinate with your outfit! And just like any other hair tie and/or bobbypin, you can never have too many. Find them here!


4 - Nail Polish
$9 - $10

I absolutely love nail polish, and I absolutely hate buying it. In the grand scheme of things, $10 as a stocking stuffer is a pretty good deal, but $10 on a Tuesday in March just pains me. Usually because I'm at Target and my bill is already rapidly approaching triple digits. What IS it about that place?! So I would most definitely give the gift on nail polish this year! Neutrals and purples are my personal favorites :)


5 - BP Stone Stud Earrings
$4 at Nordstrom

 Yes. You read correctly. $4. They're originally $8 (still a steal), but lucky for you they're 50% off right now! The colors are dwindling quickly...rightfully so...but you can also find these pretty colors for $12. Which is still a really great deal for some big ole colorful studs. I want one in every color.


6 - Scarves on scarves on scarves
Varies - but under $25

 If you're a veteran over here, you know scarves are a big deal. And you know what the beauty of them is? Well 1) scarves are normally pretty decently priced. Blanket scarves are a little more pricey, but the normal ones are usually under $25. And 2) they take up a lot of room in a stocking. :) Just saying! Find all of Nordy's scarves under $25 here.


 7 - Facial Masks
 Varies - but under $25!

So. You're a female. Now picture your female self at Target. (Did you smile?) Now picture yourself in the facial aisle at Target. It's a beautiful thing ain't it? Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, Ponds, BioMiracle, anti aging, stress relieving, pore shrinking - they're all calling out to you. And you want to buy them all. But do you NEED them? Probably not. Well, friends - Christmas is about giving people everything they "don't need." Find a pretty stress mask with good reviews and give it to your fellow female. We're all anxiously trying to get our skin to stay 23 forever. #itsnotworking


8 - Gift Cards

Whoever said gift cards were lame was a dang fool. Yes, they may not seem personal, but I still think they're thoughtful. They're so thoughtful that the giver is letting you BUY SOMETHING YOU WANT AND/OR DON'T NEED. That's a good gift right there. The gift of free reign and no pay. My parents have always hidden giftcards in the tree and we kids eat them up. Restaurants, Target, Sephora, etc. They're just a beautiful thing!


And there you have it! EIGHT stocking stuffers for the common female - all under $25. 
Yes, please, and thank-you. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Did you panic? No fear. Just scroll up and re-read :)

Until next time, 


  1. I would be exited about every single one of these stocking stuffers! I always feel bad giving a gift card, but then I remember that I LOVE gift cards, so why feel bad. :) Have a great weekend snuggling with your new nephew. Will pray everything goes smoothly.

  2. This is a great list. I'm with Jenny, I don't like giving gift cards but love receiving them. Congrats on a healthy nephew (I'm claiming it)

  3. Great gifts!!!!! I would love them all in my stocking.