Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Cards

I have been waiting WEEKS to write this post. 

I love love love Christmas Cards. I originally was planning on waiting until I mailed my cards to write this, but as I shipped them to my parents' house instead of my house.... I'm tired of waiting.  And I'm also tired of chasing my cards all over the great state of Texas, but that's neither here nor there.

So - SPOILER ALERT - some of you will no longer be surprised when you open the card from me. 

Oh well. 

This is mine and Charlie's FIFTH Christmas card. That is both astounding and sad. Primarily because that means I've been living "grown up adult life" for five years. (big deep breath)

I've always loved getting Christmas Cards, and back in December 2011, I realized why do I need to wait until I'm married with children for a card? I have a dog, and he's pretty dang why wouldn't I grace the refrigerators of people everywhere with our presence? 

Thus came the tradition :)

Here is this year's card. Coming to a fridge near you!

Here's the thing. Christmas Card picture taking ain't for the faint of heart. It's difficult and requires patience. Of which I have very little of. Thankfully, my photographer (and bestie) Lisa has plenty for all. It's like over the 11 month period between each year, I forget that it's difficult. I just see the outcome and think MAN that was a piece of cake. So each year, 5 minutes in, when I tell Lisa "it's just not going to work this year," she reminds me that I think "it's just not going to work" every year. #truefriendshiphurts

What I love most about the Christmas Card photo session (other than the cute cards) are the outtakes. Lisa takes close to 100 pictures each and every year, and each year I tell her to please just give me one good one. But, if I'm honest, sometimes the worst ones are my favorite. :)

Because sometimes I'm smiling great, but Char's snaggle tooth gets caught... 

Or he shares his untimely boredom....

Or he'd really just rather go sit with Lisa....

Or sometimes he would decide to sit ON me....

And other times he would like to sit no where near me.

I just laughed the whole way through that. Maybe you had to be there. And maybe you have to know my dog, but I guarantee you Lisa is chuckling right now :)

I could share the other 77 blooper shots, but you get the idea! Let's just say Charlie's common theme this year was none other than...


Seriously though, I treasure these cards. I know Char won't be with me forever, so these moments and these pictures are just priceless to me. No matter how many treats we go through. Charlie has already gained 5 pounds of 'holiday weight'....and I'm pretty sure it all happened during this 45 minute photoshoot. #briberyisbrilliant

And a HUGE shout out to Lisa for taking these for a third year in a row. Me and your goddog love you dearly! Plus looking and laughing through the digitals back at your apartment is also always a highlight :)

Before I go I'll leave you with a little blast from the past....





I can't even handle 2011 - we're such babies!

To see the bloopers from our 2014 Christmas Card shoot, click here

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! NINE days until Christmas!!

Until next time,


  1. Love that you do Christmas cards with your pup. He's probably cuter than some kids anyway