Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Oreo Bark

Hello hello!

 Nine days into December and I. Am. Pooped. Not even because of my 25 Days of Christmas (confession: one night this week was a bubble bath and a Christmas book), but more so because I completely forgot how much this month just wears you out! 

One night this week consisted of a Christmas movie and making one of the easiest, yummiest, fastest desserts I know. I give you...

Winter Oreo Bark

What You'll Need

12 oz package of white chocolate chips
16 winter oreos

THAT'S IT. No really. Two ingredients. 

What You'll Do

Crush up 13 of the oreos (I use the bottom of a spice bottle) in a bowl
In a separate bowl, melt the chocolate chips (I do 30-second increments in the microwave)
Let the chocolate cool for 3-4 minutes, and mix in oreos
Spread the mixture across a 9 x 13 pan lined with parchment paper
Crush and sprinkle remaining 4 oreos on top
Place in freezer for 20 minutes
Break up bark with knife

This is SO good, and oh-so festive! I normally make this with just normal oreos, but I thought I'd see what happened with winter oreos, and I'm pretty excited with the outcome! If you like mint - I'd try the mint oreos, and if you're a peppermint person, I bet that would be yummy too! Thank you Nabisco for being adventurous in your flavors :)

Two ingredients. Twenty minutes. 
 You have no excuse not to make this!

Oh - and that Christmas movie I was watching? 

JTT. Those baby blues are almost as yummy as that oreo bark. 

I think I'll always have a crush on teenage JTT. 

Happy Thursday everyone!

Until next time,


  1. So my mom made this stuff and gave me some - it's AMAZING! I'm planning on making it for Luke's teachers this year too - thanks for sharing the recipe! <3