Monday, November 30, 2015

KUWK's 25 Days of Christmas!


Okay. I know it's technically the last day of November. BUT - for all intents and purposes, it's basically December. Thanksgiving has come and gone, trees are up, carols are on - it's December. 

Today I'm excited because....well for one it's cyber Monday and I can shop for great stuff from the comfort of my own home, but ALSO because I'm talking about my new attempt at Christmas this year. 

As I told you last month, the past three years I've participated in Prestonwood's Gift of Christmas program. It's an incredible program and I SO loved being a part of it, but this year with the upcoming nephew, I decided to take a sabbatical. So usually my December consists of practice and shows the first two weeks straight (we're talking home to work to the church to home, repeat). Then the third week I'm in recovery the first half of the week and scrambling to decorate and/or shop the second half. And then the week of Christmas I'm back in Beaumont and then it's over. 

Again - I love participating in the show, but I feel like I missed out a lot on all things Christmas.
So this year we're going to remedy that :) 

One thing I have always loved, since as far back as I can remember, is abc Family's 25 Days of Christmas. I mean, new Christmas movie every night. Holla atcha inner elf. I decided to piggy back off them and do my own little 25 Days of Christmas. So today I'm introducing...

Keeping Up With Katy's 25 Days of Christmas!!

(and shout out to my buddy Jack for living and breathing photoshop)

So sure, that's a cute picture and all but what does that mean? NO it does not mean I'll be starring in my own Christmas movie every night. It just means that I am celebrating Christmas on a daily basis; I'm starting tomorrow and ending with Christmas Day.

Each day doesn't have to be a huge blown out shindig either. My goal here is not to be utterly exhausted and dead on arrival Christmas morning. The inherent hustle and bustle already does that. All I'm doing is making the most of my favorite month. I'm celebrating what the season has to offer before I'm a mom. I'm developing traditions I want to keep going as I get older. I'm making sure I don't get wrapped up in work deadlines and shopping lists that I actually stop and see the snowflakes. 

Now. In full disclosure, I've been thinking of ideas since last week September. ...what? I love Christmas. But even though I have thoughts, I don't have every single day planned out. I mean don't get me wrong, I have a list (hello I'm still Katy), but that's mainly in case something doesn't plan itself. I really don't expect people to call me up wanting to go caroling on a Tuesday night. They could, but I'm prepared in case they don't. :)

I plan to update every 5 days or so with a recap on my daily celebrations. And I'm also keeping it real here and admitting that I could get three days into this and think it was a really dumb idea. Or I may get to Christmas morning and want to barf red and green I'm so over celebrating. But I'm hoping not. Because I'm so completely excited about this. I've told a few friends and they've already marked their calendars with dates they're participating. #ihavegoodfriends 

So that's what we're doing here this month. I'll be blogging intermittently between the updates, but big picture? We're counting down to Christmas. And jingling all the way :)

Have a holly jolly Monday everyone! 

Are you over it yet? :)

Until next time,


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