Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites


Today, per usual, I'm linking up for some Friday Favorites! 

And I must say I'm excited about today's favorites! Hopefully you will be too :) 

1 - Black and Red Plaid Puffer Vest

So I am most definitely a vest wearer. They are perfect for fall and "Texas winters." You can wear them with a light long sleeve shirt when the weather is still a bit warmer, or with a sweater and scarf when it gets chilly. And you can MOVE. My biggest pet peeve is feeling like an immobile marshmallow in the winter. Homegirl's gotta be able to get jiggy with it at all times.

I got this in Canton last weekend (for a steal!) but there's a similar one here
This vest has also been date-night tested, and boyfriend approved :)


 2 - Favorite Quote(s)

These literally made me laugh out loud this week. 

Things are so much funnier when they are 100% true. And both of these are just ridiculously spot on.


3 - Dog Hair Tea Towel

Also while in Canton, my sister and I found this towel... and then we just died laughing. If you are a dog owner, this towel will likely speak to your soul. It is slightly disgusting but most definitely true. Dog hair is a part of your life. Whether you like it or not. Just embrace it and buy the towel (along with a lint roller and high powered vacuum). Available here


4 - Food Network "Holiday Baking Championship"

Are we serious? A HOLIDAY BAKING SHOW!? My sister texted me about this and I all but squealed. Have any of y'all been watching?! I think it started a couple of weeks ago. I will definitely be joining in this week. It's on the Food Network on Sunday nights. Pssst: along with the new Christmas Hallmark movies! I seriously can't express to you how much I love the holidays.

Which leads me to....



Tis the season. I consider November and December "happy months" (I genuinely wake up happy simply because it's almost the holidays), and you know you have entered the happy months when people start walking around with these nuggets of beauty. 

I promise this cup will improve your morning. Run by a Starbucks before you go to work this morning. It will probably be the best and most important decision of today. 

It IS the most wonderful time of the year. Cheers y'all.


And those are my five today! I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic weekend! 

19 days until Thanksgiving! 48 days until Christmas!

Until next time,


  1. Haha giiiiirl I am totally with you on the Red Cup Train! I feel like my holiday season officially started when I had my first Starbucks Red Cup the other day! And you totally rock the vest! I've been debating on snagging one because I don't want to feel like a marshmallow (you totally get me), but I think I might have to bite the bullet and try it! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great weekend!