Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Celebrating Easton!

Oh, lovely. It's Monday. 

But that's okay - because it's NOVEMBER! Which means it's the kick-off to my two favorite months of the year! I have a serious obsession with November and December. They are just some fabulous months. 

Today I'm doing a weekend wrap-up....but I'm kind of starting backwards. Mainly because this weekend was focused on celebrating my future nephew yesterday! He's making his debut this there is yet another reason why these last two months are highly anticipated! 

Even though this isn't Amy's first kid (we had a big ole shindig for Miss Brooklyn!), it IS her first boy. So we had to do SOMEthing! I mean, let's be real, Easton can't wear pink onesies and drink from flowered bottles, can he?! No no. So, we had a little "sprinkle" yesterday for my sweet sister and her baby boy. Ever since I found out she's been having a boy, I've been seeing through shades of blue. #auntprobs

 Me and my beautiful seester! (and my nephew, too!)

We had the shower sprinkle at my house, which if you were in the Dallas area yesterday, then you know the weather worked with our "theme." Because it sprinkled. All day. How appropriate. Way to be there, clouds. 

So I love invites. Which is ironic because I am literally the worst RSVP-er. I am that person that people have to contact to be like "yo, you coming to my wedding?" I know. I'm ashamed. But nevertheless - I love sending invites TO people, and I thought this one looked like Amy :)

Seeing as this was baby #2, I did want to keep things simple, but I also wanted it to be special. Because 1) my sister deserves special, and 2) it ain't Easton's fault he wasn't first! :) So, I made a table as the focal point, dressed it up, and stopped there. I think it turned out quite nicely!

My mom gave this sign to my sister as a present, but considering it was adorable, it double-functioned as part of the decor. Good eye, Sue mama :)

 [don't judge the crinkles in the banner; I do numbers, not crafts]

Uhhh, yeah. Huge shout out to my bestie Lisa for being way extremely talented. She came over, I handed her chalk, and this happened. I probably would have written "EBS" in good ole fashioned block letters and called it a day. 

I'm obsessed with these cookies. They totally made the table. And they were delicious! If you are having a themed anything and need some cookies - go check out Sarah @honeybeebakeshoppe. She is so amazingly talented and such a wonderful person to work with! Plus her instagram account will just make you happy (and hungry).

So Brooklyn was (obviously) not impressed at the beginning of the "grown up" party, but when it came time for presents, that girl came to life! Imagine that :)

Pure joy. My personal favorite part was having Vivian and Madison fold every single piece of tissue paper that came out of the gifts. Praise be. And they found excitement in it! You should probably invite them to your parties. 

Oh, and then as everyone started saying good-bye, Brooklyn just really wanted Ashton to watch some Barney with her. Girl wants what she wants. 

Seriously can't get enough of this child. And seriously can't wait to hold her little brother and watch her be a fantastic big sister!

So, in a addition to a huge thank you to both Lisa (for her artistic abilities) and Sarah (for those adorable delicious cookies), I have to give a HUGE thank you to my mom and dad. My mom unfortunately got really sick this past week and couldn't come up, but that didn't stop her from sending up her fine china, linens, and decor. Oh, and answering my 37 (thousand) phone calls during the prepping process. And my sweet dad spent his Friday night cooking what my mother told him to, and then drove [in a monsoon] to meet me with the loot on Saturday morning. Parents of the year. 

 So - when I wasn't prepping for the shower this weekend, what was I doing? OH let me tell you.

I watched 7 Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. 

I blame my sister. 

So we all know Katy eats up those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. Well, a couple of weeks ago she posted THIS little nugget on my facebook wall. 

The new 2015 Christmas Hallmark movies are playing each Saturday and Sunday night in November. HECK TO THE YES. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the pilgrims, but having a touch of Christmas every weekend? I'm so okay with that. So, I innocently go to the Hallmark channel to set my DVR, and find that while the new ones come on 2x a week in November...... all the old Christmas movies are currently playing. All. Day. Long. 

The turkey and the pilgrims and the indians might have another thing coming. I am oh-so ready to put a little jingle in my jangle. 
 ....that was for you Amy :)

Okay okay I know, this is getting long and you people have much better (or obligatory) things to do on a Monday. 

But people. 

Have you been to the store yet? I'm going before work. I mean I just can't take chances. The Dallas area has been without Blue Bell for like six months - I don't expect it to be on the shelves for long. And if you see some crazy chick on the news cause she got in a fight over the last carton...chances are it's me. 

Nephew on the way. Christmas Hallmark movies on TV. Blue Bell on shelves. 

I can't even. 

Happy Monday everyone!

Until next time,

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  1. Gaaaaah I'm soooo glad there are others out there that are just as obsessed with Christmas as I am! I saw the commercial about the Hallmark movies last night and I got sooooo excited! U.S. Christmas chicas gotta stick together!
    And it was so fun to see what you did for little baby Easton! It turned out soooo cute! I'm throwing a baby shower for my cousin this month-it's her first girl! So I'm knee deep in pink, but it's so much fun!

  2. Love all the decorations! Cute invitations, too!

  3. how precious is that baby shower! so so sweet, i agree, every baby needs a little bit of spoiling ;-)
    also no shame in watching all of the hallmark movie channels. i resisted mostly because I watch cartoons with a 1 year old 99% of the time, but you know as soon as I have the remote what channel i'll be flipping to!

  4. The Sprinkle looks wonderful! Loving the table and the cookies and all the decor. You're such a sweet sister!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle