Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prestonwood's Gift of Christmas

Today I'm sharing with you a Christmas program that is near and dear to my heart. And yes, I realize I'm talking about Christmas and it's barely November, but I have to inform you of this now in order for you to buy tickets and go in December. Like, you have to put this on your Christmas to-do list. Date night, girls night, parents in-town night....it's a must see for everyone. 

Plus, with all the "Christ in Christmas vs. Starbucks plain red cup" drama going on - it's not like I'm the first one to introduce the holly and jolly. Bless. People need more to do. And Jesus. People need Jesus. 

When I first moved to Dallas (back in 2011), my sister took me to see Prestonwood's Gift of Christmas. I knew it was at a church, and I knew it was a Christmas program, but beyond that - I didn't know much. 

I sat down, the show started, and about 7 minutes in, I told my sister "I have to do this." I was new to Dallas, missing my dance outlet, missing performing, and I just knew I had to be a part of this program. 

The following September (so 2012), my sister's bestie who was in the choir told me when dance auditions were for the show. I remember leaving a CPA study class early to make it to the auditions, and then I parked my car at the church and completely had a breakdown. Like...ugly cry breakdown. 

I knew absolutely no one. I didn't even know how to get to the room where auditions were. I hadn't danced since college, not to mention since I lost all vision in my left eye. I am not one that is prone to panic attacks (hi, extrovert), but I am 99% sure I had one in that parking lot. 

I called my parents' house, and Amy was actually there, and they talked me off the ledge, told me Satan was just attacking me, and that they'd love me no matter what. Even the only job I got was picking up sheep poop. 

So I auditioned, made several dances, maintained my distance from sheep poo, and had the absolute time of my life. And I did so three years in a row. I met some absolutely amazing people, and felt a part of an amazing church who put on an amazing program who did amazing things. This year I can't participate (baby nephew Easton is due right in the middle of the shows!), but I am most definitely going. And this blog is to tell you that you should, too :)

What is this program about?

Christmas. Duh. 

The first half is literally a holly jolly Christmas spectacular. We're talking Rockettes (see above), swing dancers,  dancing Santas, the Christmas waltz, Ragdolls, Rudolph and friends - the list goes on (and on). I really don't know much of anything else that can put you in the Christmas spirit quicker than this (and you all know I'm partial to my Hallmark movies).

The second half is the Nativity scene - complete with camels, donkeys, and poopin' sheep. We tell the story of baby Jesus' birth - which is the hands down, absolute, only reason for the season. 

The first half will knock your left sock off and the second half will knock off your right one. You are going to leave this show sock-less. This I can guarantee. 

 Who should go to this show?

Your whole fang damily. (Except for those like under 5....you might want to do the childcare thing for that). Seriously though - men, women, unruly teens, believers, non-believers, on-the-fencers. There is something at this show for every single person. It is 90 minutes of pure entertainment. Christmas-themed Jesus-glorifying entertainment.

Who performs in the show?

Uh, Plano, basically. 

No but really - the amount of man-power it takes to put this thing on is absolutely unreal. You have a bajillion-and-one member choir, a live orchestra, dancers, youth, children, and live animals....not to mention behind the scene make up artists, hairdressers, costumes, props, tickets, etc.  I mean this church RALLIES, people. They devote their entire fall to this production. 

And the cool thing? You don't have to be a member. I am a member at a different church and have participated in this for three years. And they have welcomed me with open arms :)  

And another cool thing? There will undoubtedly be people flying. 

Listen - YOU NEED TO GO TO THIS. Jeff and I are having a date night to the show this December, and while I'm quite sad I can't participate, I am so excited to sit in the audience again. And I know I'll likely lean over to Jeff seven minutes into the show and say "I need to do this again." :)

 I told you I've always wanted to be a Rockette :)

So there you have it. Though this little post honestly can't do it justice. You must go SEE it. And lucky for you - there are twelve (12) opportunities to do that this year! So round up your loved ones, head up to Plano (singing carols all the way), and come see the program that has had such a huge impact on both my life and countless others. 

Buy tickets here. 

And now, just because I miss it and am all kinds of nostalgic....a little flashback :)

Until next time, 


  1. Oh my gosh you are just too adorable! How COOL that you were part of such an amazing show! I wish I lived in Texas so I could witness all that magic-it looks like such a well put together production! Thank you so much for sharing the Christmas Spirit and reminding us what this season REALLY is about!