Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sip and Shop Saturday is 43 degrees outside. 

You know how I've been constantly griping about how it was hot until like...yesterday? Well it's not anymore. Now it's quite chilly. And I'm already a hermit. One day in and I'm a hermit. 

SO - what better to do on a freezing cold Saturday morning than another rendition of...

Sip and Shop Saturday!

If you didn't join us last time, here are your instructions:

1) Grab a large cup of warm coffee, cocoa, tea....whatever
2) Dress in all things warm and cozy and sit on all things soft and fluffy
3) Check out some of my recent fashion finds... and purchase if you so please!

Got it? Good. Let's begin. 

Sherpa-Lined Vest -- J Crew Factory

I absolutely adore this vest. I've been eyeing it for quite sometime, and guess what? SALE ALERT! This cozy little nugget was originally $128 - and it's now on sale for $49. That's over 60% off! I have a rule that if something is over 50% off, and you really really want it, it's a must buy :) Makes total sense right? I mean pair this puppy with some skinnies, a scarf and some boots and you're all kinds of set for this newfound cold weather. I mean it's wool. Hello warm. Shop it here.

Plaid Jammie Pants -- Target

I love pajama pants. This could go back to the hermit thing and possibly be simply for the fact that I don't like to leave the house when it's cold, because I never actually sleep in them. BUT - nevertheless I love them. And how cute are these!? And so Christmassy! And....wait for it.... $15. That's the equivalent of three Starbucks holiday drinks. Use your keuring - these pants are worth it.

And what better to wear with festive pants other than a festive shirt!

Baby It's Cold Outside Tee -- Oliver and Otis

"I really can't staaaaay..." "I've gotta go awaaaaaay...."
That song is totally in your head right now, isn't it? I mean let me just set this up for you. On Christmas morning I fully intend to be wearing the jammie pants above and this shirt. And I'm so stinking excited. How many days til Christmas again? Shop it here.

OH - and when I went to grab this link I came across this shirt that literally made me laugh out loud. I love Oliver and Otis :) should be halfway through your sipping by now!

BP Fringe Scarf - Nordstrom

So, I've shared this scarf with you on my Friday Favorites, but this is your friendly reminder because I'm just that obsessed with it. And I get compliments on it each and every time I wear it. And it's $20. And it's so soft and cozy. And it comes in 7 different colors. And you really need to buy it because you just really should. I mean I just want what's best for you :)

"Effortless Sweatpants" -- Calia


So lets talk about holiday weight, shall we? Right after (or three days after) a large meal - leggings aren't going to cut it. My legs shoved in spandex is just a no go. I mean I appreciate the containment of the jiggle, but I need room to breathe. BUT wearing large airy sweatpants just makes me feel frumpy. The best of both worlds! Slim(mer) fit than frump pants, and cuffed at the bottom for containment - BUT you have room to move. And that is a praise. I'm just so way overly excited about these pants.

Okay fine, plus I feel like I'll look more like Carrie Underwood if I wear them cause they're her brand. There. Fine. I said it. Happy? :)

And there you have it! A little sip and shop Saturday. To see last month's S&SS adventures, click here. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Until next time,


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