Sunday, November 29, 2015

Peek at the Week: Thanksgiving!

Ah, the post-vacation morning snuggles. 

I'm back in Dallas, listening to the rain (and my puppy's snores), drinking coffee, and reminiscing about the past week. Oh, and Hallmark is on in the background. #duh

In light of staying a week at home, I thought it was only fitting to take a peek at our Thanksgiving week! Disclaimer: This is a whole bunch of pictures of my really cute niece. It was our last holiday with just one baby (though she's a "big girl" and don't let her catch you saying otherwise), so it was lots of snuggles, play time, and pictures!

I got home Monday around lunch time, and was the first kid home. Dad was still at work, so mom and I ate lunch and just piddled around and I did some work. Because with my job vacation is never quite vacation :)

On Tuesday I went and met my dad for lunch at the Courtyard. I worked in his office during the summer when I was in college, and we would always go to the Courtyard for lunch (chicken salad sandwiches and apple pie, specifically), so whenever I'm home and he's working I'll go meet him. Gotta keep the tradition alive!

Annnnnd note the scarf. This is {almost} embarrassing. 

After we got home, Amy and Miss Brooklyn arrived!

We played and I got to do bathtime duty. A toddler snuggled up in a towel after bathtime is one of my favorites :)

And can we look at those lashes? I mean gracious. 

That night, my dad and I got adventurous and made pumpkin scones. If you missed the recipe on Friday you can find it here. Absolutely insanely delicious. Dad and I had a "scosche of scone" with almost every meal throughout the week...

Okay, I take it back - bathtime is a favorite, but my absolute favorite is the morning snuggles. Wednesday morning I woke up, got coffee, went to the couch, and then shortly after, this little turkey came in and cuddled. All while watching Doc McStuffins and playing with lego monkeys of course. 


But, do not be fooled. After snuggle time it's go go go. And more go. 

There were bike rides...

...followed by popsicles....

PS it was 75 degrees outside - just in case you were wondering why we were letting a toddler do outdoor activities and eat popsicles.

And then once Uncle Allen got to town - it was all about play doh!

They're pretty cute together :)

I caught this picture mid-action shot, and I laugh every time. She's trying to blow the play-doh out of the tube!

Then, Brooklyn decided to change activities (naturally), so Allen and I did some serious animal building. I mean toothpicks and dinosaurs were involved. ....we're pretty talented. 

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early to prep breakfast. For the past few years now I've been prepping a big breakfast for the family to watch during the parade! It's tradition :) This year breakfast didn't need to be as big since Brent wasn't there (he likes to eat), but that's okay. I still had fun :)

And then after carb loading - this was our parade/nap position...

Including Easton, there are four people snuggled on this couch :)

Then after breakfast was time to eat again! 

Me and the cutest little pumpkin there ever was.

Post lunch, we took Brooklyn to the park (and she fell asleep on the way there) and then after she went to bed, the family settled in for the newest Hallmark movie and hot cocoa. We're big Hallmark people. In case you haven't noticed. 

Also - I bought those jammie pants I told you about at my last Sip and Shop Saturday, and I'm in love! They are so incredibly soft - and festive! In fact I'm wearing them right now, too :) $15, people. Oh so worth it.

Friday we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then the girls did a little black Friday shopping! First stop was Target - where someone decided the cart was her personal throne :)

PS note her new shoes - she's pretty proud of them. And she'll tell you so. 

And, of course, there was a stop at Dunkin Donuts. My parents keep this place in business. I wish I was kidding, but my mother knows the life story of the guy who works the drive thru. I can only wonder how many people she angered behind her in line to learn such story :)

I so love my mom in this picture. 

And then it was more play time with this cutie :)

Friday night Amy and I stayed up waaay too late watching the Baylor-TCU rivalry. Why? I'm not sure, because thanks to some ridiculously disgusting weather, the score was 14-14 for THREE HOURS. And unfortunately, after double overtime, the Bears didn't get a win this week. Wamp wamp. #lifeasabear


And that was our week! I love spending time with my family. Normally I get all teary when I leave, but this year, I'll see them the next few weekends in a row! So no tears this year, just looking forward to next weekend!

And just like that, pumpkin Thanksgiving season is over.  Tomorrow - we begin CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!!! See you soon :)

Until next time,


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