Thursday, November 19, 2015

Got time?

So let me tell you a little story...

On Sunday night, I crawled in bed around 9:30. My plan was to watch Quantico (duh) and then go to bed around 10:15. That way I could wake up early Monday, work out, spend time with Jesus, and really just start my week off right. 

SO, I watch Quantico (such a good show), and then grabbed my phone. You know - that whole 'I'm bored for literally half of a nano second so I'm going to subconsciously grab my phone and mindlessly open up social media apps' grab. You know the grab.

Next thing I know, it's 11:30. ELEVEN.THIRTY. Remember that whole 10:15 bedtime thing? So naturally I snoozed through my early alarms, missed the workout, missed the Jesus time, and barely got to work on time. I hate disheveled Mondays. 

So while I was driving to work, I was thinking about what on EARTH I did until 11:30. I don't remember a single thing I looked at on social media. Not a picture, not an article....nuthin'. Now -this is not the part of the story where I tell you I deleted all my social media apps and am only using my phone as a communication device... let's be real. 

But I really started to think about where my time goes. How do I spend my time? Wisely? Or do I waste a whole lot of valuable time...and then complain about being overloaded and busy later? And I'm not talking about down time - everyone needs down time. I'm just talking about the wasted time. 

I told y'all a long time ago about one of my favorite devotional books called The Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

That quote done slapped me upside the head. If making every day decisions about how I spend my time ultimately determines how I spend my soul...then I need to make conscious and wise decisions. 

So - I decided to take a look at how my time is spent. Day to day is too cumbersome, but monthly just doesn't paint a real picture. I decided to look at a week's worth of time. And to do that, I naturally busted out an excel spreadsheet. Numbers are my thing. And excel is my bestie. 

Disclaimer: this is realistic - but also in a perfect world. What do I mean by that? I don't work out 4 hours a week. That is exactly what I mean. I would like to, so I'm going to allocate hours to that, but heavens no, I do not do that currently.

So I could tell you how I determined/calculated these hours - but then I realized you probably don't really care. SO - I'll skip to what I've learned from this little 5-minute exercise. 

1) I need to find a job/church closer to home. Spending 12 hours each week in a car just doing normal everyday things is a bit ridiculous. 

2) I spend more time watching TV than I do loving on Jesus. And the 6 hours does not include the seasonal Hallmark Christmas movies...

3) I have 11 extra hours a week (approximately an hour and a half each day) that I don't know what I do with. 

And I'm not saying I need to schedule them out. I'm more just amazed that every night I feel rushed, exhausted, and like I got nothing accomplished. So maybe if I paid a little more attention to my daily decisions and how I spend my time, then I would get a little more done and feel a little less guilty about curling up with that Hallmark movie... :)

SEE!? This. So much of this. Wasted time: Exhibit A

Now, you may be chuckling that I'm talking about time management when we're a month out from the holidays. I'm not suggesting to move mountains here. I even appreciate a good 'hustle and bustle.' All I'm saying is I'm going to keep reminding myself of those 11 hours and make an effort not waste them. 

What's your number?

Until next time,


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