Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Heh. What a weekend. 

Soooo a little back story if you're new here. I went to Baylor, and my boyfriend (Jeff) went to OU. This past weekend Baylor and OU played each other. It wasn't our first rodeo, we went up to Norman for Baylor vs OU last year, but in my personal opinion, last year's game had a better outcome :)

Let's just start from the beginning...

First stop on Saturday is, was, and will always be - Common Grounds!

Once coffee was in hand, we headed to the Magnolia silos, and saw that hundreds of our friends had the exact same idea we did! I mean I'm talking blocks...and blocks...and blocks of people. SO - we decided to pass on that and headed back to campus to check out the homecoming floats since the HC parade was rained out last month. 

And then of course, though no one asked, we also judged them. 

 Oh and hey look!!! Fountain Mall now actually has a FOUNTAIN. Imagine that :)

After walking around campus (and really hoping for an unlocked door to Waco Hall), we headed to George's because....well because that's what you do. And who did we meet there? 

Loved getting to catch up with this one. And plan our future shenanigans :) Then, after what took way too long!, this one also showed up!

Just in case you wondered, this is exactly what we looked like every night of senior year. 

After a while, Jeff and I left and headed to tailgate to hug the necks of so many people I miss dearly and only ever see on game days. These fools being two of them :)

 OH and Jeff became besties with Allyson (because we randomly see her everywhere), but she didn't want to be besties with him Saturday due to his shirt. But he didn't seem to care either way....

And yes, Jeff's hair is wet. We for sure got rained on starting about 6 pm and lasting until about 11 pm. I'm literally sore from 5 hours of shivering. 

Aaaaaaand then this was probably the last moment the two of us smiled in each other's vicinity for a very long time.

See that smile on the right? It didn't know it had another thing coming....

One of my favorite things about being back at Baylor? Running into old friends. It's like a reunion around every corner - full of squeals and hugs :)

So we went into the game and headed to our seats. Which, wait for it, were in the OU SECTION. I mean, I can't complain too much because they were free, but gracious. That was rough. But it was only rough for about 45 seconds of the game because that's how long I lasted before I abandoned Jeff and went and watched with fellow Baylor fans.
#girlfriendoftheyear #whatdoyouwantfromme

But the good news is I got to sit and spend some quality time with this girl. 

Paige was one of my best friends at Baylor. We got each other through accounting (but really...we did). Then she got all married up and moved to Maryland with her hubs, so it was good to just hang out. Not to mention - thanks to her I now understand the whole first down situation. That was like incomprehensible to me. So many people have tried to explain it, but this girl - this girl speaks Katy. 

Hey, so then Baylor lost. First loss of the season. First loss at McLane. All my boyfriend's fault. And to my boyfriend's school. What a way to go. Most people would probably be like, "oh, but if you have to lose, at least it's to his school." Yeah, no. Not my rationale at the time. 

I told my dad it was like getting your car dinged for the first time. It's both painful and a relief. BUT when you don't know who dinged your car, you have to get over it. When you know who dinged your car, it hurts worse and lasts longer. And this time I know who dinged my car. Jeffrey OU dinged my car. 

I can laugh about this now/make fun of myself but I was such a sore loser and Jeff was such a patient (and silent) winner. You da best, babe.

So now Baylor has won on OU turf, and OU has won on Baylor turf. Jeff said that makes next year's game that much more exciting. To which I told him he will be flying solo.

We originally had plans to go up to Norman this weekend and watch OU play TCU, of which I was going to be the supportive girlfriend and root for OU. Now the thought of wearing dark red and off-white "crimson and cream" makes me want to say profanities. We'll see how much good girlfriend mojo I can muster up before next Saturday :)

All in all it was a great weekend with so many of my favorite people. And the team that played the best won the game. I will most definitely give them that. I honestly just don't think I'm used to caring about a football game. That's what I get for really embracing sports these days. It's like I just have all these new emotions and don't know what to do with them!

So until I figure that out, I'll just make all my pictures with Jeff black and white.
We're pretty cute neutral. :) 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Until next time,

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  1. Visiting from the link up! I love that coffee sign, perfect for a weekend morning! :)

  2. What a fun weekend (despite the outcome of your game). I would have totally moved sections too: nothing worse than watching a game surrounded by the other team!

  3. Giiirl I give you mad props for even starting out in the OU section! I wouldn't have even been that good! Despite the *loss* :( it seems like you had a fantastic day with old friends, and that is what weekends are about! Have a great day!

  4. Love the HC floats!! I always thinking looking at them is soooo fun!

  5. Love that coffee sign-too cute! I think I need it in my house!
    Looks like you had a fun weekend :)