Saturday, December 26, 2015

KUWK Christmas: Days 21-25

(huge massive deep breath)

We made it. 

It is officially December 26th, and while I'm headed to Colorado (a 12-hour car ride - pray, people) I had to recap the last 5 days of Keeping Up with Katy's 25 Days of Christmas.

Here we go!

On Monday night, I had my Dallas Baylor girls over for our 5th annual Christmas party! We were all in the same sorority at Baylor (#thinktheta #yeahIsaidit) and still laugh about those "good ole college days." We live all over the metroplex, and while we do a pretty good job of getting together throughout the year, Christmas is a must. 

 This year, Lauren was a sweetheart (though her face above may not show it) and brought us all surprises! She got four adorable Kate Spade mugs with cute little "titles" and we all had to decide who they went to. The verdict:

Life of the Party - Krystal
One in a Million - Kelsey

The Bees Knees - Emily
Sweet Talker - Yours Truly

Thank you Lauren!!!

And okay okay, fine. I was really excited because I got to use my Christmas dishes. You know on Thursday how I mentioned that some of my friends know that I really throw get togethers to use my dishes and that hanging out with them is just a bonus? These are those friends. They're the best :)


On Tuesday, Jeff and I braved the crazy. We set out against the masses to get all of our Christmas shopping done! Fun fact - I've lived in Dallas for 5 years now and this was my first time in the Dallas galleria. #milestone 

Another fun fact - we wore our tacky Christmas sweaters. His is red/white/OU and mine is green/gold/Baylor. We got quite a few chuckles and comments from random passerbyers :)

And after that, I wrapped (whilst watching Hallmark), and my shopping was COMPLETE. 


Wednesday started the Christmas festivities! Jeff and I gave Charlie his Christmas, which was quite entertaining. He may not believe in Santa, but he believes in new toys and treats. He was literally frolicking around with his new stuffed animals. Meet Marvin (the moose) and Peter 2.0 (his second porcupine). That is pure joy on that dogs face. 

I'm sure there's joy on his face in this one too...but we wouldn't know. And yes there are treats at the bottom of that bag. 

Wednesday evening, we went over to Jeff's parents and did some really good eatin' and some really fun giftin'! I'll just say it - his mom spoils me rotten. Jeff had to wait on all his presents until Christmas Day, so he did a lot of eatin' and a lot of poutin'. :) 

AND she got me a selfie stick. Heck to the yes. To my family and friends - you.have.been.warned.

Love these three!


Christmas Eve (and Christmas) were a little different this year. Normally we're back in Beaumont, but since Amy has a 2-week old infant, we decided to do Christmas at their house. And while it may not have been the usual, we tried to keep all the traditions - even if it called for me and my dad watching White Christmas on a laptop in the kitchen :)

#becauseweLAAAHVEhim #weLAAAAVEhim

I love my sweet dad and our love of White Christmas :)



So this was our first year to relive "Santa." Now that Brooklyn is three - we did the whole shabang (cookies, milk, carrots for reindeer, etc.). So it was really exciting waiting for her to get up and see this little number.

Funny how the one thing she asked Santa for was a lego dump truck, and while the car was nice and shiny and pretty, she immediately went for the dump truck. Girl knows what she wants. The first hour of the morning consisted of a lot of playing and presents..

 ...while I held this little bundle of joy! :)

 Okay. Brag moment on my dad. He was a busy little elf this year! So he is most definitely a "jack of all trades," but is especially handy in the wood department. My brother hates any chair that doesn't rock, so my dad MADE him a rocking chair. Like from scratch. Like with his own two hands. 

And it is a beauty, people! 

And I got a wood gift too! My sweet dad built me this gorgeous little box from walnut (I mean notice the detail, people - this box has crown molding)...

And then BAM!! It's a spice holder!! I mean how cool is that?! He's just the greatest. I'm obsessed.

THEN Brooklyn was ready for some car action. So around mid-morning, we taught a 3-year old how to drive. If you're friends with me on facebook, then you saw the cutest 20-second video ever of her driving around. If you missed it you can watch it here.

Daddy and Grandaddy had to be on standby since we don't quite know our left from our right yet. Nor do we fully understand that whole steering thing :)

Allen and I bought Brookie a massive bean bag chair....cause we're just the coolest aunt and uncle ever. It was a huge hit :)

We also realized it was a really practical infant holder....

"You lookin at me?!" 

So then when we were getting ready for lunch, we look over and these two were OUT. Christmas overload for Grandaddy and Easton :)

But Christmas smiles for Brookie and Uncle Allen!

It was different being not at my parents house, and it was different being 75 degrees outside, but it was with the same people I love the very most in this world. So it was a fantastic Christmas, indeed :)



Twenty five days of something Christmassy, people. 25 Days. 

Now I'm headed (and I wrote this last night because I was headed at 3 am this morning) to Colorado to hang out in the mountains for a week. Jeff is turning 30 (ollllld man) so a big group of us are going to escape for a week in the 100 inches of snow. I wish I was kidding. There's that much snow. 

I will not be blogging over the next week (homegirl needs a break), but I will be back the week of the 4th!. I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas with their favorite people, and remembered the real, and only, reason for why we celebrate. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD. NIGHT. 

Until 2016,


  1. Looks like you had a great, family filled Christmas! Have a wonderful New Year!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish