Friday, December 4, 2015

CMA Country Christmas

So one of the first things I thought of when planning my KUWK 25 Days of Christmas was CMA's Country Christmas. I watch it every single year. It's festive - it's country - it's a must. So on Day 3, I turned on all the Christmas lights, jumped in my pajamas, poured me some hot cocoa and tuned it. OH - and naturally blogged my thoughts. 

Ohhhh Jennifer Nettles. 

I think she could be a Who. You know - the ones from Whoville. In the How the Grinch Stole Christmas?? With me now? She has on a sparkly gold hat that covers a fourth of her head. To me that equals a Who. 

Oh look! She's high kicking! Go Rockette Nettles, go! 

Okay, so the opener wasn't bad - it was just the same. As the past three years. But I guess you just go with what works. But I loved the dancers and I love "Man with the Bag," so I don't really have much negative for this.

Darius Rucker is wearing jeans. I mean - I know this isn't a red carpet deal, but c'mon man, throw on some khakis. I do love him though. His voice makes me smile. Why yes, Hootie, I will go walking in a winter wonderland.

11 minutes in and J-Net changed. Think she's trying to keep up with Carrie on those outfit changes?

Charles Kelley is like the Ken doll of country music. And I would not mind him under my tree this year. I wonder why he's performing without the other 2/3rds of Lady A. Maybe they drew straws. Boy's got some pipes though - he should do more solos. 

Oh Martina. So back at the ACMs in April, Jeff and I laughed through her entire performance because she now makes the funniest faces when she hits high notes. #strugglebus

So I snapped this during the show and sent it to him. We got a good chuckle. I do love Martina though. Except when she hosts Y2Kountry on Sirius. Now that is more painful than those high notes. 

Kelsea Ballerini is wearing a dress instead of a graffiti wall! Win. Also - this performance was a turning point for me with her. She sounded really good while having herself a merry little Christmas. And she sang in her head voice and didn't scream at me. #carriescreamssometimes #butistillloveher

I love LeAnn Rimes' voice. Last year when she sang "Someday at Christmas" (in a middriff showing pencil skirt), I had that song on repeat the whole rest of the month. This year she busted out with a medley of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Angels We Have Heard on High - but like an intense military sounding version. I was waiting for drummers to fall from the sky. In the words of my friend Krstie, "mohawks and this song don't go together." She speaks truth.

Dan + Shay busted out a great O Come Let Us Adore Him - but at this point in the show I realize we've hit all the slow carols. I mean, the audience is crying and I'm glad they were touched, but I need some Jingle Bells up in here.

46 minutes in and Jennettles is still in the same dress. I don't blame her. She's smoking. 

Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett singing I'll Be Home for Christmas to the little girl from St. Jude's gave me all types of warm fuzzies. Love those boys, love that organization, 

Jewel is on the stage. I'm confused. 

Oh praise be - Penatonix. I absolutely love them. They are just flawless each and every time they perform. (Which has been a lot by the way!) And they're from DFW - so hometown holler! They sang a song from their new Christmas album - I would recommend a listen, folks.

 Jennifer changed! ...into another green ensemble. Hmm. Alright. I think I like it. But it's like a cocktail dress meets a puffer vest. Like doesn't this thing look insulated to you??

Alright folks. Honesty time. I'm pretty disappointed with this show. We're halfway through and they just announced who's "up next," and it's all people that have already sang. So I'm guessing people just get to sing twice? Lame. Also - we've endured about 6 slow songs in a row. Pick up the pace, people. 

Martina and Michael W Smith up next singing "What Child is This" ....which is about a 2 on the upbeat scale. Can I get a sleigh bell for 500? Anyone? Anyone?


Okay, guys, I'm sorry, but this is where I called it quits and got an hour of my life back. It just wasn't keeping my interest. Last year's show was so much better, and if you want to go relive it, you can find my post here (with YouTube links!). I personally just went and rewatched them all :) 

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday and an even better weekend! 

22 Days until Christmas!

Until next time,


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