Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Well hello!

So my Friday Favorites is a little late. Primarily because I have a case of the Christmas Crazy and it literally just slipped my mind. 

So, while this post is coming a little later, it's still Friday. So I can still have Favorites. 

We have an assortment of favorites today, but I realized none of them are tangible. So if you want some tangible favorites, you can refer to my Stocking Stuffer favorites from last week :) 

Okay - let's get cracking. 

1 - Holiday Movies

Like the DVD ones, not the Hallmark ones - we've already covered those here. So everyone has their favorite Christmas movies, and today I wanted to share mine! Let me start by saying I am not a fan of Elf (I just don't find it funny) and I've never (fully) seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. That movie had too long of a title for me. So you may think I'm crazy, but I still do have some classic favorites. Here are my top ten favorites - ranked in order and starting with the favorite!

 1. White Christmas 
2. The Holiday
3. I'll Be Home for Christmas
4. The Santa Clause
5. Home Alone
6. Miracle on 34th Street
7. Christmas with the Kranks
8. The Family Stone
9. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I really want to put 10 as Love Actually....but I've never seen it. And I really need to. Because it's so many people's favorite holiday movie! Maybe I'll watch it this year....finally. 

2 - The Fuller House Trailer

Uhhh....all the feels. I loved me some Full House growing up. Plus Full House still airs on Nick every weeknight right before Friends. So I'd be lying if I said I didn't still watch it. Well yesterday Netflix released the trailer for the upcoming 13-episode reunion this February. Oh the heartstrings. I watched this thing four times and got chills every time. I can't wait! Watch it here.

3 - Christmas Cards

On Wednesday I shared my Christmas Card (and respective blooper reel) with you all! These are one of my absolute favorite traditions each year, and this year was no exception :) If you missed that post you can check it out here.

4 - Grease! Live

So many entertaining things happening on television in 2016! I am a huge Julianne Hough fan, so when I saw she was playing Sandy in the live version of Grease I was pumped. It has a lot of known people, so I'm hoping it'll be really fantastic. It airs Sunday, January 31st! 

5 - Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? - Mickey Guyton

Uhhh....any adult size Frozen fans out there? Well let me tell you this. If you really like the Snowman song but don't want to sing along in the car with the 4-year old who sings it on the movie soundtrack? Check this version out. It's so good. And I get chills at the end every time. A sing along adult version of a Disney movie. You. Are. Welcome.

6 - KUWK 25 Days of Christmas

And finally - a huge favorite of mine is my KUWK 25 Days of Christmas challenge! I just have to do something Christmassy every day. Easy, right? False. This challenge was simple in theory (and in November), but once the crazy of December hit, I realized it was easier said than done. But alas, I have persevered so far! I'll be posting Days 14-18 tomorrow! 

See Days 1-6 here.
See Days 7-13 here.

And there you have it! You know why this Friday is also a favorite? Because after today I'm WORK FREE for two whole weeks!! And that's a praise. Glory be hallelujah. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Until next time,


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