Monday, October 31, 2016

2nd Annual Falliday Scarf Exchange

Scarves are the universal "hug" for the female population during the fall season.

They make us happy, they always fit, and you can never have too many. 

Okay, that last part isn't true - I'm sure we all have at least 5 scarves in our closet that we don't wear. BUT, alas, every single season - we want more.

Last year I started a "tradition" of a Falliday Scarf Exchange. I'd seen several other people do it, and then after I posted about mine, a few people told me they had one of their own and it made my fall-lovin' heart so dang happy. 

So, to support the true definition of "tradition" - I had another one!

Like I mentioned last year, scarf exchanges are perfect for the following reasons: 

1) They're one size fits all - no one has to worry about sizes
2) You can find a really great deal on a really great scarf (we set a $25 max limit)
3) Scarves are the love language of fall  - there is rarely a scarf that is met and isn't liked
4) They get you in the mood for fall! ...even when it's still in the 90s the night of your party...
...and sadly, #4 has been true both years I've done this. Here's to hoping one day I can remove that one from the list! But probably not. #texas 

#5 should be that I love any reason to buy festive dishes and host a party. Because I do. And I get it from my mama. 

Thanks to the busyness of the fall season, this shindig usually falls on a Thursday night. So this year I implemented a little potluck action and it worked out nicely! But because I'm me, I told them to bring their dishes in tupperware so I could use my pretty fall dishes. They get me. And they still love me. :)
The food table! And that foot on the right is Emily eagerly awaiting me to take my pictures so she could eat. #friendofabloggerproblems
I normally end up with entirely too much food, so this year I tried to scale back. And I still had too much food! There's just so much talking and not enough eating. :)
But I've been grubbin on the leftovers all weekend, so no complaints here. 
We had Turkey and Swiss Hawaiian King Sammiches, along with my Mama's cheese biscuits (a party staple growing up)...
Emily brought Salsa Dip and Lauren brought corn dip. Because we love all the chipping and dipping. If you see all the GF indicators, it's because sweet Em was diagnosed with Celiac last year, so we gotta make sure she has enough to eat! :)
Kristie and I picked up some chutney in New Zealand, so I knew I wanted to have a cracker, cheese and chutney situation. We still aren't entirely sure what chutney is, but we seriously love it. It's like a "preserve" - but from the other side of the world. That's the conclusion we came to.

And for desserts we had pumpkin paleo chocolate chip cookies (courtesy of Lisa), and then I made a cinnamon pound cake loaf, which is one of my favorite fall indulgences and the reason I'm constantly fighting a muffin top. #thestruggleisreal

After eating and catching up, it was time for the exchange! And I thought our gifts were pleasantly and colorfully wrapped this year. As in, I didn't wrap mine in foil this time.
Since last year's exchange was pretty tame - lots of instant satisfaction and very little stealing - we tried to have more action this year. And we are getting better! There was a lot of scheming, mirror-looking, and trash-talking. So it naturally was a feel-good party, you see...

I actually was obsessed with several of the scarves, and honestly wanted to steal them all. 

So this year, I decided to share the links of some of the ones I could find (sadly I couldn't find all of them), and share some other favorites under $25.

PS - That center grey and cream (and brown) scarf won the award for softest scarf of the night! I mean I could have slept in it.  

There were also scarves from Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, and Forever 21 (like - scarves that I want but can't order online because I can't find them), so make sure you stop in next time you pass one of those stores. Are you getting the message I'm sending here? I seriously wanted them all.
And this is where Jeff would tell me I have entirely too many already and it still feels like summer outside. Men just don't understand. 
After everyone was scarved and satisfied, we played a round of fishbowl and then people headed home. Only after taking a party favor! 
This was a new idea I had for the party this year, and it came to fruition thanks to Mama Reeves. She baked mini-loaves of her apple nut bread, pumpkin bread, and some GF brownies for Emmy girl. 
Next year I think I want to add a banner. Like an etsy one. That says "Falliday Scarf Exchange." I mean, why not? 
Bottom line - I couldn't have done it without this lady right here. Not only did she bake my party favors, but she un-decorated her own house so I could borrow some of her fall decor for my food table. And then she helped me make it all pretty. I'm a party-planner-in-training, but I've got a looooooong way to go to meet this one's skillset!
So Falliday Scarf Party #2 - a sweet seasonal success. 
You should probably have one, too :) 
To see the First Annual Scarf Exchange, click here!
Happy Monday (and Happy Halloween), y'all! While all you parents will be chasing your precious dressed up kiddos around neighborhoods, I'll be chillin on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars. And still eatin' on that cinnamon loaf.
Until next time,



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