Wednesday, October 14, 2015

1st Annual Falliday Scarf Exchange

Eeeks! So excited to share this post. I've seen a couple of people in the blog world do a scarf exchange during the "colder" months, and I completely freaked out. I love scarves, I love throwing parties, I love reasons to buy new fall dishes... I mean, this was right up my alley. 

So, last Thursday I threw my first Annual Falliday Scarf Exchange! 

I love these fools :)

So first off - the invite. I used PunchBowl and went the e-vite route. It's free, easy, and saves you a trip to the post office! Not to mention the invites are pretty dang cute...

Scarves are a perfect thing to exchange for several reasons:

1) They're one size fits all - no one has to worry about sizes
2) You can find a really great deal on a really great scarf (we set a $20 max limit)
3) Scarves are the love language of fall  - there is rarely a scarf that is met and isn't liked
4) They get you in the mood for fall! ...even when it's still in the 90s the night of your party...

My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago where she helped me pick out new fall party dishes. I LOVE themed holiday dishes. And fall ones speak to my pumpkin-lovin' soul.

Some of the girls asked what to wear to the shin-dig, so when I sent out a group text that lounge wear was both appreciated and encouraged, you would have thought I told them they'd all get cash when they walked in the door. SO much joy. Fancy party plates and yoga pants. That's how we roll :)

So...what went ON the fancy party plates? Well let me just tell you...

We kicked off the assembly line with a meat and cheese plate...

PS see that fancy cutting board? My sweet dad made it for me as a housewarming gift when I moved into Kelsey's! He's so crafty and fantastic and stuff :)

Then we moved onto some chips and dip. We went with spinach artichoke dip (a staple in this group) and "cowboy caviar..." Side note: these leaf shaped dishes are from Michael's....and $1.30 each. I should have bought 20 and made a dang tree!

Then we had some baked brie with jalapeno raspberry preserves (easiest appetizer EVER). I'll share the recipe soon - it was such a hit!

OH - and also presented on a bread board that my dad made :)

Sausage balls were also easy and a must... bisquick + sausage + cheese = one of my favorite party foods. Possibly because I grew up with these suckers. Thanks, mom!

And then we get to the gluten-free section of the assembly line. My sweet friend Emily was diagnosed with celiacs disease a few weeks ago, so I definitely wanted to make sure I had some things she could eat! And let me tell heart goes out to you GF kids. It ain't easy. I read more ingredients in three days than I have in my lifetime. And I didn't know what half of it meant. You go, people. You know your stuff.

I made some bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes (sprinkled with cinnamon!), and they were SO. GOOD. I will definitely be making these again. There's nothing to them and they were definitely a party favorite...among both the gluten-free and the gluten-expensive :)

Then it was time for DESSERT! 

I made some paleo pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (we are talking paleo, GF, and ridiculously delicious). I don't do the paleo thing but I've made these for years. Such a fan!!

And end the assembly line, we have the pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Because all assembly lines must have a big bang finish!

So we ate, we mingled, we drank vino and shared stories...and THEN it was time for the exchange! Can you sense my excitement through the font? CAN YOU? I wouldn't be surprised...

How cute are these girls? Oh, and you see that one wrapped in foil? Yeah, that was me. I mean, scroll up, did you see the food? What more do you want from me? At least it wasn't in a ziploc. I consider that a win. 

We did the exchange like a normal white elephant: draw numbers, open or steal, and when the scarf reaches the third owner it's frozen. It was a pretty non-dramatic exchange. I'm telling you....scarves are just so universal. 

And here was the loot! Aren't we cute!? We had appearances from Loft, Old Navy, Nordstrom, DSW, J Crew Mercantile, Target...and all under $20! Get on it people! Go scarf shopping!

It was such a success we decided to have a spring one, too. Obviously not scarves...earrings maybe? :) Whatever - we just love any excuse to get together (and go home with a present!)

Aaaand to wrap up, some favorites of mine from the selfie stick photoshoot :)

 I just absolutely love them. 

First Falliday Scarf Exchange is in the books. Highlighted, bold-faced, underlined, and ready to be repeated. 

Until next time,


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