Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY. And it's OCTOBER. 

And in case you didn't get enough of these pictures on your sources of social media yesterday, here you go: 

 Let's face it. The world LOVES October. 

Alrighty - per usual I'm linking up for some Friday Favorites today! So let's get started. 


1. The Intern (the movie!)

On Wednesday night Jeff and I had date night, and he surprised me with tickets to Studio Movie Grill to see the Intern. I had been looking forward to this movie for months! And now that I've seen it it's probably my favorite movie of the year actually. Y'all - this is embarrassing - I cried through the whole thing. Not the ugly-you-should-not-see-this-in-theaters cry, but like the sweet heartfelt tears. This movie jumped into my heart, nuzzled up with the warm fuzzies and started pulling all the strings. Jeff made fun of me. 

But seriously - this movie just makes you appreciate the older generation. And the wisdom and advice they give that's based on life experience. It honestly reminded me of my relationship with my dad. Robert DeNiro lets Anne Hathaway do her thing, and then when she needs help, he offers the perfect advice. Great movie. One scene with a bit of language, but other than that it's pretty wholesome, too. I will be seeing it again! ...and bringing tissues. #softy


2. Pumpkin Streusel Loaf

October means pumpkins. And pumpkins mean they have to be in just about every meal you make until things start turning red and green. SO - I'll add another pumpkin must-have to your list. The pumpkin streusel loaf. It's a pumpkin-spice flavored carb. And Paula Deen's recipe. There's nothing incorrect about it :) Find the recipe here.


3. J. Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest

So I am a sucker of the puffer vest. I'm actually a sucker for any and all winter outerwear (just call me Katy and the coat in every color). SO - I ordered this little gem last night, and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. And I think I have time....considering it's still in the eighties here. Thanks, Texas. It's so cute, so versatile, and so on sale. Embrace the puffer! Find it here


4. The Royal We

If you are a frequent visitor over here, then you're so over me trying to get you to read this book. This is the third time I've talked about it this week. I can't help myself. You would think I get a royal commission off selling it to you, but I don't.  It's just SO good! Definitely a must read. You can find a synopsis on my September book review here.


5. THE RETURN OF BLUE BELL the Dallas area

This is way old news to you Houston folks, but DALLAS - Blue Bell is coming back!! month from today. So you have to wait. But let's all just get really really skinny over the next month and then we'll be in the negative calories for when Blue Bell returns. Right!? Ah, to heck with it. We're entering the holidays anyways - eat and be merry. 

May the countdown begin!

Speaking of countdown....83 days until Christmas! 

Kristie sent me this last night and I thought it was quite appropriate:

 ...pretty much. I'm completely in love with fall, but it is preeeetty exciting knowing the Christmas season is just right around that pumpkin covered corner :)

And that's all I got! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Until next time,


  1. I bought the Jcrew puffer vest too! Pinterest told me to do it... :)

  2. Love that vest so much! I'm hoping to actually find one that I want to wear regularly this season. And I'm definitely adding The Royal We to my to-read list!