Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Remember when I thought last week was long?

Hah. Joke's on me. This week had two Mondays, several Wednesdays, and at least three Thursdays. And it's not just me - this was the consensus around the workplace so obviously that means it was indeed actually true. 

But alas, it's FRIDAY. 

Not only is it Friday...but it's BAYLOR HOMECOMING FRIDAY. 
(You can see my Tuesday rendition of "you know you went to Baylor when..." here)

Unfortunately we'll all be swimming to Homecoming this year. I mean gracious, it doesn't rain for three months and then bam - monsoon for Baylor's biggest weekend. So many festivities (parade, bonfire, etc.) have already been cancelled. So sad. :(

Okay, that's enough weepy. Let's favorite. 

1 - "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker

I am utterly obsessed with this book. Utterly and completely. It speaks to my soul. Like as if this book had my heart on speed dial. Not to mention it's hiiilarious. I literally will just sit there, read, and laugh out loud to myself. 

I've often heard this book referred to as a "motherhood" book - but I definitely don't think it is. I think it is a (hilarious) inspirational book that gives you what you need. Yes, if you're a mother it will speak to you about motherhood. But if you're a young single female just trying to figure out life (eagerly raises hand) - it'll speak wonders to you, too. I'm seriously considering buying this puppy in bulk and distributing it to people in my life. I feel that passionately about it. 

I mean, it has an entire chapter devoted to 'leggings as pants.' You need to read this book.
And I need to hang out with Jen Hatmaker. 


2 - "Back Home" by Owl City and Jake Owen

I happened to hear this song on the radio last weekend and have listened to it on repeat all weekend. I would have NEVER paired these two up together, but y'all. This song is so good. It is such a head nodding song. You nod up and down, you nod sideways, I think I even nod diagonally. And verse two is my favorite. Give it a listen. 

Pssst - Emily, you'll really like this song! :)

Also, Carrie's new album came out today. I'm all over it. Obviously. But I'll have to give my two cents next Friday after I have time to dissect!


3 - Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Yesterday I posted my latest pumpkin recipe, and the verdict at work was that they were my greatest pumpkin creation to date. And we all know I've posted a lot of pumpkin. So I think that's genuinely a big deal! You should definitely put these in your pumpkin rotation this fall. Find the recipe here.


4 - Favorite Quote

I love doing quotes every Friday. Quotes just are fabulous. Some make you laugh, some make you think, and some just stick with you. And this one? This one just stuck with me. It was actually the opener to a chapter in "For the Love." I just thought if I needed to hear it, one of you may have needed to, as well :)


5 - "It's a 10" Leave in Conditioner

I never thought I would use leave in conditioner. I have fine hair and the thought of leaving something like conditioner in my hair....and then drying it....just didn't make sense to me. Well it just don't need to make much sense. Cause it's awesome. I bought this from the hair salon last week and I loooove it. I curl my hair a lot, and I would always get crazy tangles at the nape of my neck. Well not with this little gem! It's going to my my saving grace this winter. Cause let me tell you - curls + scarves = a hot mess of a jungle. 


 And that's a wrap!! 

Have a wonderful and well-deserved weekend, everyone! If you're going to be on the roads - go slow, be safe, and pack a paddle. Floaties might also be a great precaution. 

Until next time,


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