Monday, October 12, 2015

An Empty Parking Lot Afternoon

I have a complete inability to do two things: 1) make a decision, and 2) understand roads/highways. 

When I say I have an inability to make a decision, I don't think you understand the extent to which I mean this. I seriously think this is like a mental problem and/or block in my brain. Actually, I just googled this and I could possibly have a personality disorder. Thank you, WebMD. 

And when I say I don't understand roads and highways, it means if you speak the words "north, south, east, or west" to me, I will look at you like you are a dang fool. The fact that the iPhone GPS has audio AND video? (raises hand) That's for people like me. 

So on Sundays, I usually drive to Jeff's house, and then he drives us to church. Yesterday morning, I was running a wee bit late (my coffee in bed was just speaking wonders to my soul), so I told Jeff I would meet him at church. Easy peasy nice and breezy. 


I entered "Gateway Church" in my phone, set out across town, and didn't realize until I pulled in the (completely empty) parking lot, that it was the church's old location. Katy fail #1. So I call Jeff, who is waiting patiently in the correct and car-filled church parking lot, and understand my mistake. Mind you, church started 5 minutes ago. SO - I enter in the correct location in my phone and see that I am 10 minutes away from the correct church location. I do the math in my head, and realize that by the time I park (at the very furthest point of the parking lot) and walk in to the sanctuary, I'm looking at being about 20-25 minutes late for a service that is about an hour long. This is where my inability to make a decision comes in. 

Do I go to church, make my grand entrance during the sermon and "pardon me, excuse me" my way through the Jesus-loving people to find Jeff and my seat, OR just surrender, go home, and give myself an E for good effort.

I sit there for three minutes, realize I can't make a decision, and decide I'll just start driving. 

Katy fail #2. 

I hit massive construction, get all kinds of turned around in a cluster of highways, almost get run over by an 18-wheeler, and then finally pull into an empty warehouse parking lot. And proceed to have a complete breakdown. 

And listen, people. This was the type of breakdown where every little stress you've ever been harboring comes out in the format of ugly cry. The type of breakdown that mid-way through you sincerely hope you have some drive-thru napkins in the console for all of the juices that are falling out of every hole in your face. THAT kind of breakdown.

Side note: all my ladies out there - is it not AMAZING how a good cry can just make you feel fantastic? Spas should add that to their list of services. They could bank. 

Anyways, so as I'm sitting there in that warehouse parking lot, I realize I may not have made the right decision. Or maybe I did, I still don't know. But then it hit me that while God gives us the freedom to make choices and decisions on a daily basis, He always can turn whatever choice you make into good. 

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

So God plunks that scripture into my brain, and I say to myself, alright, let's reassess. You are sitting in an empty warehouse parking lot. Never mind how you got here; you are here. So what's the next step? With no inner debate, I turned on my Jesus jams, had a little personal worship service in my car, and then stream-lined the sermon on my phone. Thank you, technology. 

I spent an hour with the good Lord yesterday. In an empty warehouse parking lot. After the "service" I pulled back out into construction and realized the way home was actually quite simple: one left turn and then a straight shot on the highway. I drove home with a clear sense of direction and a crazy sense of peace. 

It made me realize that sometimes in life we just may need a parking lot - in both the figurative and literal sense. When you can't make a decision or can't find your way, it's okay to pull over. Park. Let it all out. Chat with God. Recharge. The world will still be there when you pull back out onto the main road.

May your Monday be filled with lots of coffee and needed parking lots :)

Until next time,



  1. Love how those good cries happen so randomly and at the right moment :) - hales