Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Falliday Decor

Good morning! Today I'm taking you on a little tour.... of my fall decorations :)

 I just started decorating for fall a couple of years ago, so I definitely have plans (and needs) to expand my decor, but for now I'm pretty happy with it. Plus, I don't know how Kelsey would feel if I came home with much more! (Shout out to her for letting me play fall fairy and decorate her house!)

Hobby Lobby is my fall happy place, and there's not one annnywhere near me in Dallas. It's a shame, I tell you. So one of my favorite things is going home to Beaumont and hitting up the Hob Lob with my mom. I'm trying to learn her decorating skills by osmosis :)

Do you have your coffee? Is it pumpkin flavored? In a fall mug? Good. Let's begin. 

Welcome :) 

I found this little welcome sign in Canton, and it has a velcro attachment to change out the picture with the season. And this is my October! My dad built me a stand for this one weekend, and it's one of my favorite home decor pieces. I will say it was difficult picking a "flavor" this month considering I wanted to use the pumpkin for fall, my BU for football, and my Texas Rangers one for the playoffs! SO much going on this month.

Aaaaand because that welcome sign greets you on the first floor, you have to have another little welcome sign to greet you on the second floor. We're all about the hospitality :)

 I told you the other day that I was obsessed with lanterns, so last year my mom created this masterpiece that I attempt to re-create each fall. I can't wait to assemble this puppy on a fireplace!

My mom's version looked way better. But I'm getting there!

Ah, fall foliage. 

Then you round the corner and see this (what I think to be awesome) little fall corner!

It makes me smile :)

This little set up is pretty special to me. The first year I decided I wanted to decorate, my mom couldn't go to Hobby Lobby with me, so my dad took me and created this whole little scene with me on the floor in the middle of the aisle. Isn't he a natural!? Plus homegirl with crazy straw hair just makes you want to have a good day. 

My newest addition to my repertoire of fall decorations! Isn't it amazing? My bestie Lisa MADE it. Like with her hands. Isn't she brilliant? Click here for my entire post bragging on the masterpiece.

A little coffee table action. PS that's Criminal Minds playing in the background. Kelsey loves to watch it even though the show scares the living daylights out of her. 

Corner table - I apparently support fall leaves. Are you indoors or outdoors? I mean you can't even tell.

 Jeff's sweet mom gave me these two sets of decorations. The pumpkin scarecrow man is hand-made from clay. Pretty intricate and amazing. And every time I look at the TV I see my three little glitter pumpkins. She supports my addiction to fall :)

And that's my little fall home tour! Every morning I wake up and drink coffee out of a pumpkin mug, and every time I get home from work I burn a pumpkin candle. And that fall weather? Oh yeah baby - it's on it's way. I am loving October, people. 


Until next time,


  1. I feel like I should slip you a $20 for every time you have bragged on mah lil sign. Everything looks fabulously fall! Love it! Love you!

    1. OH. And I WANT....nope, need, that signage and the post Don made...someday when I have a house.

  2. Love that decor! I have one of those signs from Canton, they are the best! How did your dad build that stand? I want to have a stand like that, it would look so much better than how I have it now.