Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KUWK: Being a Baylor Bear


Everyone thinks their university is the best. 

That's what makes football season so obnoxious fun :)

BUT, in honor of this weekend being Baylor's Homecoming weekend, I thought it only appropriate to do a KUWK post on...

Being a Baylor Bear (Alumni)!

When thinking about this post, I knew there were many ways I could take it. I could take it sappy and make you all wish you were a freshman again. I could have taken you down my personal memory lane. Though I know there are some chapters my Baylor besties would beg and plead not to relive again. I thought about creating a clever little poem...because I do words that rhyme for anything significant in my life. I'm telling you...I should work for Hallmark.

So there were many options. 

But instead I decided to just do my own personal rendition of "you know you went to Baylor when..." Now, please understand that I completely understand that if your alma mater colors were not green and gold, I've either already lost you or this sentence is the last one you'll read. And that's okay. Because I know you love your school just as much as I love mine. BUT, for all my fellow Baylor Bears...

You know you went to Baylor (from 2006-2010) when.... 

...a little bit of you died when they closed down "ghetto HEB"
...you've either dominated (or harshly judged those that dominated) the Bear Trail
...your tastebuds know no better coffee than an iced rodeo clown from CG
...you're bitter about the new business building, but know these new kids will never experience 'Hankamer High' 
...you've had a crush on a guy from Penland 

...you understand that a place doesn't need a fountain to be called Fountain Mall
...you've shamelessly stuffed yourself with Food for Thought's chicken nachos
 ...you understood that Piano Man was a rite of passage. 
...you've survived Waco water
...your first two months of the year have completely revolved around SING
...you find out a Baylor student has never been to SING and you want them expelled.

...Brooks College, Aspen Heights, and Chuys were a really big deal.
...you know what it's like to be really bad at football (but have school pride anyways)
...you were really upset to find that Bear Bucks was not an acceptable form of payment in adult life
...you've stood on a chair, wiggled your hand, and yelled "heeeeeeeyyyyy" 
...you know why Pat Neff is famous. 

...you've gone to Robinson Tower and begged for parking ticket mercy
...you wanted a significant other just to take a picture in a green and gold swing 
...you went to Gratziano's at least once every three days.
...you've done your homework at George's (hello, table of knowledge)
...you've tossed tortillas off a suspension bridge.

...you know that stray mutts are as common as domesticated squirrels.
...you've seen someone get engaged in the Quad
...you know every Greek organization's "signature move"
...you've stayed up until 4 a.m. working on a float in a freezing cold warehouse
...your family that didn't go to Baylor feel like Baylor alumni, too

and, finally...
...you don't understand how other college homecomings "aren't a big deal"

See you at home, Bears. I can't wait to hug your necks, reminisce about the old times, and gripe about how good the young'ns have it these days :)

But also...what did I forget?! I'd love to know what comes to mind of how you know you went to Baylor when... 


Until next time,



  1. Love! Also makes me sad that I didn't end up going there. :(


  3. ...you've tempted fate (and the cops) and driven your car down 5th street.
    ...you had regular weekly SUB lunch dates.
    ...as a female, you've owned something from Harts N Crafts
    ...you expect there to be a man in a robe, yelling over I-35 near 8th street.
    ...Cholesterol Corner is looking way too upscale for a college town these days.

    Love this list :)

    1. ...you've had a random man come share your table for two at Common Grounds and subsequently had a friend come "visit" but really she just dies laughing and walks off :)

    2. sounds like someone who will always "be there for youuuuuuu" *clap clap clap clap*