Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Well hey there Friday :)

Today (per usual) I'm linking up to share some favorites! 

Let's begin. 


1 - Jen Hatmaker

Ummm....she's like my new best friend. How did it all start? Let me tell you. I randomly stumbled upon her blog this week where she shares her thoughts on the whole Gilmore Girls series. ...that she binge watched over the summer. I was rolling. Like we're talking knee slapping funny, people. So naturally I needed more of of her. 

So naturally I instagram stalk her. And now I want to be her groupie. This lady is HI-larious, an author (of like a lot), a Jesus-lover, a mother to like 37 kids, she has her own HGTV show...OH OH...and she still finds time to binge watch TV. I mean, how many hours in a day does she get? Does she get more? Show me your ways, Jen Hatmaker.

So yes, she is definitely a new favorite of mine. 


2 - 1st Annual Falliday Scarf Exchange

Last night I hosted my first annual falliday scarf exchange. And let me tell you what - it was a yes beyond success. And also the reason I'm pumping coffee into my system with the same enthusiasm a teenie bopper throws a fist pump in the air whilst dancing to 'their jam.' But alas it was such a great night: fall decor, fall foods, and so many cute scarves were exchanged! You know, scarves that we can wear in this 85+ degree weather we're still having right now. [insert eye roll] Nevertheless - this little shindig will most definitely be an annual occurrence! More details on how to throw your own to come on the blog next week.


3 - Favorite Quote

...this. So much of this. Absolutely all of this. 

I've been doing a lot of this this week. I'm desperately, fearfully, emphatically praying about what the Lord has planned for my future, and how it coincides with the passions He has given me that set my soul ablaze. Trust the plans of God, follow the passions He has implanted in you....and watch your world blow up. In the best way possible :)


4 - DWTS/Nick Carter/Backstreet Boys

Okay, I know we're going from Jesus to Backstreet Boys...but did y'all SEE Nick and Sharna's  performance on Dancing with the Stars this week? It took my inner 15-year old Katy to the intersection of nostalgic and ecstatic. In is rehearsal video I remembered why Nick was my favorite BSB, and during the performance I remembered why the BSBs were my heartrthrob. And Sharna is hot and no one can rock a leotard like her. Right on, girl.

Watch the performance here. And another favorite? Sweet Bindi's performance. You can watch it here. But for the love of decency, have some tissues on hand. I ugly cried my way through this one. Such a special dance.


5 - Butter Pumpkin Cookies

The fall cookie that can change your life. If you weren't with me here yesterday, I hiiiiighly suggest you click on over to here where you can make a recipe that will kick your fall up a notch (or nine). Pumpkin lovers adore them. Non-pumpkin lovers adore them. You (yes, you!) will adore them. Make the butter pumpkin cookies. Just ignore how much butter actually goes INTO the pumpkin butter cookies. It's not important. 


And that's all I have this Friday - have a wonderful weekend everyone! And for those of you in the Dallas area, don't bust out the winter wear just yet - we're looking at temperatures in the 90s still.... 

Until next time,


  1. Nick and Sharna were sooooooo good this week on DWTS! I love your idea of a scarf exchange!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Those cookies look AMAZING and that scarf exchange idea is awesome! Definitely going to have to keep that in mind!
    Morgan |

  3. Love those dances!! Especially the one with Bindi, that song reminds me of a friend I lost in high school, I just love that version of it!! She did great!