Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Book Review


Okay, so I've been a little MIA. I'm aware. But y'all. Planning a wedding is NO JOKE. It's basically a full time job - and I already have one of those. Not to mention we're "revamping" Jeff's bachelor pad house so it's ready for some newlyweds come November. So, really, I have approximately 15 color palettes going through my head on the reg. Someone asked me my wedding colors the other day and I actually had to think about it.

BUT here I am today with four of my most recent reads. Granted, I've been rewatching Parenthood (and crying my eyes out), so these books have been over the course of the first part of the year, but it's fine. Everything is fine. :)

Also, they were surprisingly all hardback books this time (I normally read on my Nook), so today you get a fancy little cover picture. You're so welcome.

We have a little bit of everything today: chick-lit, chick-thriller, an autobiography of one of my favorite people ever, and the final installment of a winter trilogy. And two of these books I couldn't put down.

Okay, we're starting with the winter trilogy. And while I am fully aware it's 300 degrees outside, I read it in January so it made sense. My suggestion would be wait until the weather cools off to read it, OR if you're going to Antarctica this summer on vacay, bring this book!

Winter Storms
by Elin Hilderbrand

Okay, so the past two winters I've read (and reviewed!) the first two books (Winter Street and Winter Stroll) of the series and loved them. It may seem weird to have to remember characters from year to year (since she wrote one every Christmas), but since she writes from the various characters' perspectives, you really feel like you get to know everyone. It's easy to just jump right back in.

BUT, now that all three books are out, YOU don't have to wait! Unless you're waiting for colder weather. This last book really ties up a lot of loose ends that kept you hanging in the first two. I'm quite sad this little series is over. If you're an Elin Hilderbrand fan (and who isn't?!) don't forget about these this fall!

Okay...now back to the summer beach reads....

It Ends With Us
by Colleen Hoover

I could not put this book down. It was really unlike any book I've read before. I called it a chick thriller because while it wasn't a murder mystery, it definitely had some really heavy parts that made you think. I always know a good book when I count down the hours at work until I get to come home and read, and this was definitely one of those. It'll stick with you for a while afterwards, too.

Now, fair warning - her writing is not PG. At some points I looked like that little wide-eyed emoji. I don't want to share the plot for fear of giving too much away (and you can read the synopsis on the back of the book), but if you're tired of the same ole same ole plot, give this one a try!

Talking as Fast as I Can
by Lauren Graham

So I read this book in a day.

Zero exaggeration.

Granted, I didn't get much else done that day, but I LOVED this autobiography. Because I LOVE Lauren Graham. Loved her in Gilmore Girls. Loved her in Parenthood. Love her in real life. Actually I don't know her but I'm sure I would. And she's dating Peter Krause (#parenthood) and it just gives me all the feels.

If you are a hard-core Gilmore Girls and/or Parenthood fan, you must read this book. She gives a personal account on both the shows and the Netflix sequel series and I was reading like a giddy school girl. She also shares tips on how she does it all. For instance, did you know she wrote a best-selling fiction novel? I DID NOT. Did you also know she and Mae Whitman (#parenthood) are teaming up to do the script write adaptation of The Royal We (#myfavoritebookeEVER). I DID NOT. I mean. This girl does it all. And she never takes herself too seriously.

What I got from this book? Lauren Graham IS Lorelai Gilmore. And that one little realization made me oh so happy. This is a perfect little plane read for your next trip!

This book has also inspired me to read one autobiography each month. Fiction is great and all, but you can just learn good stuff by reading about real live people :)

Save the Date
by Mary Kay Andrews

So I'm not going to lie. I bought this book for three reasons: 1) it's purple, 2) it has a title that is in sync with my life at the moment, and 3) it was on the bargain shelf at Barnes and Noble.

However, I've also read one of her books in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I figured I'd be a fan of this one as well!

If you love weddings, this is a great easy read for you. It's written from the perspective of a florist in Savannah (Southern weddings - heyo!) and walks through the ups and downs of running a small business, dealing with crazy brides and their mamas, and then of course - there's a love story in there too.

I honestly had the same thoughts I had when I read Ladies Night last June. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, really loved the writing, but the book was just really long. And not that I was bored during either book, she keeps you entertained, I just feel like it took me twice as long to read (since it was twice as long of a book).

Now, that being said, if you're going on a long weekend beach getaway and only want to bring one book - I would highly recommend Mary Kay Andrews! They'll give you all the feels, keep you busy during your trip, and you won't have to bring the whole library. Also, if you're a hard copy book person, several of hers rotate on the bargain shelf at B&N, so you can usually find one for less than $7.


And those are my reads this month! (er - the past few months). I have a lot of travels for work coming up the next few months, so if you have any good reads be sure to let me know. Also, if I see you frequently, let me know if you want to borrow any of these bad boys. That's the beauty of a hard copy book. What's mine is yours - after I'm done with it :)

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