Thursday, June 9, 2016

#tbt: My Favorite Birthday Party

Today, in honor of birthday month, we're doing a little #tbt action to my favorite birthday party EVER.

No really. Ever.

Like no birthday trumped this birthday. 

My mama has always been a world-class party planner, but on this particular year - she completely outdid herself. 

It was my 17th birthday, the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, and I had zero idea any of it was going to happen. 

Side note: this picture isn't from that year (picture-taking phones and social media were not a thing when I was in high school. We were more of a "internet took up the phone line, AOL instant messenger, Xanga for a blog" type of people). BUT - it's a birthday photo so I thought it would be appropriate for today's post :)

Okay - back to my story. So this particular summer, by birthday fell during Vacation Bible School week. I was helping my mom with the music classes, so I assumed it was going to be like any other day - surrounded by millions of screaming singing children.

The night before, my mom yelled up at me to be ready a little earlier because she wanted to run by and get some Dunkin coffee. #nosurprisethere

So, we get in the car and my mom drives us to McDonald's (I was a huge breakfast burrito fan). So I'm all like, "yo - why are we at McDonald's?" She makes me get out, go inside, and there are two of my closest friends (Collin and Whitney!) waiting at a table. I had a little surprise breakfast! So we ate, talked, and then went to VBS and I didn't think much of anything else...

...Until after VBS when we get back in the car and my mom starts driving some other route home. And every time I asked her where we were going, she didn't say a word. #sneakylilthing

She then dropped me off at a massage clinic, said to check-in because I had an appointment, told me she wouldn't be the one picking me up...and drove off. #bye

After my massage (praise be hallelujah), I walked back out of the clinic and my SISTER picked me up! This was pretty exciting because she wasn't living in Beaumont at the time (she's 9 years older than me) and I had no idea she was in town! She drives me to Jason's Deli (another love of young Katy) for lunch, and when we sit down to eat, my BROTHER walks in to join us! (Also didn't live in Beaumont - 10 years older than me. And yes I was an accident). So all in all - baby sister was on cloud nine. 

After lunch, they told me they were taking me to see a movie that I remember I really wanted to see - but have no idea what it was. Amy - you remember? I feel like it was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. So in hindsight, Allen probably hated his life for two hours.

Anywho, after the movie, my sister took me to the mall where I had an appointment to get a makeover at Clinique. Holler at me girls. How many of you did the makeover thing in high school? And how many of you felt like you were the hottest dish on the buffet when you did? Like people. I was wearing eyeliner. #girlbecomeswoman

After my makeover, Amy told me the whole family was getting together for dinner and I got to pick the place. So, naturally, I picked Logan's Roadhouse (#gimmealltherolls) and we all ate as one big happy family together.

But the night didn't end there. 

We were standing in the parking lot of the restaurant, and my mom asked me what I wanted to do afterwards. Now, I loved bowling (still do), but I still don't know how that woman got me to say I wanted to go bowling that night. But alas, I requested to go to the bowling alley. So, the five of us went bowling. After my first bowl, the bowling alley guy (apologies for not knowing his title) told me I wasn't very good, that I needed the kiddie slide, and to follow him. So, I follow him around the corner of the bowling alley and BAM. 

All of my friends yelled surprise. 

I had a slight heart attack and tears of joy. I was so excited!

So we all filled the lanes and bowled a few games and had a grand ole time. 

But the night didn't end there. 

As we're all taking off our bowling shoes, my mom stands on a chair and yells for everyone to head back to our place. And I'm all like - "say what Mama Reeves?"

So we walk into my house, and it had been COMPLETELY transformed to party central. We're talking decorations, food, an ice cream bar, pool volleyball, a karaoke machine - you name it, it was in our backyard. 

So we played (and sang) like crazy fools all night long.
And I went to sleep that night feeling like the coolest 17-year-old in the world. 

Now like I said, my mom has thrown some killer parties in her day, but this one tops the charts as my favorite. My dad my have lost years on his life (and dollars in the bank) every time my mom said she wanted to throw one - but they were always the talk of the town. I can't wait to throw my kids' parties like she did. With her help, of course. #mompleasehelpmedontleaveme

And there's a little throwback to my very favorite birthday party!

A close second was that time I graduated high school and she turned our entire house into a cruise ship...but that's another post. :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Until next time,


  1. Hi Katy,
    I just found your blog through the link-up on Mix and Match Mama and have read like 32432 posts in random order! You have a great voice and your sense of humor so comes through your words. Glad I found ya!