Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Last Trip

Good morning everyone!

I got back from Boston yesterday evening and decided to devote today’s post to an update on my eye. Partially because there’s good news that deserves celebrating (and was also celebrated with a few bowls of Blue Bell last night…), but also because there’s a bittersweet portion to the story. 

The good news?

All is stable. All is well. My left eye looks as good as it can (at this point we appreciate both silence and stability when it comes to that eye), and more importantly, my right eye is still rockin’ like a champ. 

The bittersweet part?

I’ve been cleared to be seen locally here in Dallas for my future tumor follow ups. In short, it means I no longer have to go to Boston. 

At first – I was quite happy. This trip was getting old. The flights and hotels get expensive; it’s a 4-hour flight, so not the easiest place to get to; and all of my “friends” that I’ve made during this process were also being monitored locally. I was just kind of over it. 

Then, when I got to the part of the appointment where I usually make my next appointment, it turned a little bittersweet. This was my fourteenth trip to Boston over the past six years. It became my home away from home. That city – and that hospital – hold so many memories from this entire journey. I’ve cried there, I’ve rejoiced there, I’ve rung radiation bells there. Nowadays most every major city can do the treatment performed six years ago, but at the time? Boston was one of two. 

I originally planned to leave my appointment, grab lunch at the hotel, and head straight to the airport, but upon my realization that this was my last trip for the foreseeable future, I decided to head to Faneuil Hall (my Boston happy place) one last time. Now, especially, I'm so glad my family and I did an extended trip last year!

 I sat on a bench and stared at this view. I've stared at this view each and every trip to Boston. Sometimes it was winter, and sometimes summer, but either way, this view will always bring me a sense of peace. Me and God have done a lot of chatting while staring at this view. 

All in all - Boston or Texas - God has been so prevalent throughout this whole journey. I have no idea what's up ahead, but I know who holds my steps. And I also know y'all will be praying me through it all the while. Y'all truly mean more to me than you will ever know.

My annual Boston adventures maybe over, but this city will always hold a special place in my heart. 

As will their lobster rolls and clam chowdah. 

Until next time,


  1. I can understand the mixed emotions - this is such big news. I'm so happy to hear that everything is stable and going well!!


  2. *tears* You may not be going to Boston every year anymore, but our Boston trips are definitely not over! Now we just have to find a good excuse to go! Thankful for good news!!

  3. Yay God!!! Totally understand bittersweet.... Blessings