Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Game 6: Father's Day in St. Louis

Yesterday I shared my birthday weekend wrap-up, and (as it always has), Father's Day fell into that weekend! And if there's anyone I'm willing to share my birthday weekend with, it's my dad. :) 

In fact, you can read all the wonderful reasons why I just think my dad is the sharpest tool in the shed here

Ever since I moved to Dallas (so 5 years ago), I started this tradition of inviting my dad up to Dallas for a weekend. The weekends are full of new restaurants, long walks, ice cream, and always always a Rangers game. You can read about last year's game here. So the annual Rangers game PLUS our {30} Before Thirty goal of 10 games in 10 out-of-state stadiums means one thing and one thing only:

My dad and I eat a lot of hot dogs. 

So this year for Father's Day, we decided to combine the annual Father's Day Rangers game with the out-of-state stadium bucket list. We took off to St. Louis for the day to see the Rangers take on the Cardinals at Busch stadium! 

And in true form, we took a plane selfie on the way there. :)

Now, for those of you who are thinking "you went to St. Louis and back in a day?!" ....calm yourselves. It's just an hour and a half flight each way. Not too shabby at all for a 1:00 game. 

We left Dallas around 10:30, landed at noon, and took a little ride on the metro to the ballpark. 

Hello Busch Stadium! 

My dad has always been a Cardinals fan (the man has many teams; the man just likes baseball), so he was pretty excited for this one. He'd been to "Busch Stadium" before, back in 1959, but that was two Busch Stadiums ago. So it was good to be back! 

We really liked this ballpark. Inner-city, solid skyline background (including the arch), and our seats were in the shade (praise thee to the Lord), so we were all around pretty happy campers!

Another plus of this game? It was quick-moving with a good amount of action. The Rangers started out in the lead, but the game kept getting tied up, then the Cards pulled ahead, then the Rangers pulled ahead, and then at the bottom of the ninth the Cards had the bases loaded with two outs and it was a downright nail-biter. BUT the Rangers pulled through and I was the only one in my section who cheered. :) 

Game 6 - Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals - June 19, 2016

At one point during the game, post-hot dogs, my dad said he was going to scout out the ice cream and report back to me. Then at one point I just happened to look behind me, and here comes Don :)

Then dad tripped over me climbing back into his seat and almost (as he puts it) "plummeted to his death" and I couldn't stop laughing. I know that sounds awful but you just had to be there. I laughed so hard I cried. And then when I thought about it on the plane I laughed so hard I cried again. Aaaaand I'm still laughing now. Oh man. So many good times on these trips. 

And naturally, we had to take a 7th inning selfie :) 

Another highlight - we got free socks! We knew the promotion for this game was getting a free pair of Cards socks if you were the within the first 30K people. So leading up to the game we were pretty pumped to get these new socks. And they came in handy on the chilly plane!

Sadly, that was our last out-of-state game for this year.
Good thing we've already started planning next year!

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I love you, dad!

Until next time,


  1. This is such a cool tradition!! You both looks so great in your team gear! St. Louis and the stadium looks amazing! My dad is trying to hit every major league baseball stadium in the country. Fun!