Thursday, August 6, 2015

Peek at the Week

Happy almost Friday, y'all! 

Here's a little peek at my week :)

Friday night Jeff and I met some people in our Company's suite for a little Rangers vs Giants action! Okay fine, and a few hot dogs. Okay alright, and a cap full of ice cream. And, might I add...a Rangers WIN!

Saturday was Miss Brooklyn's third birthday party, so I spent the morning baking (see yesterday's Strawberry Brownies recipe here!) and wrapping this beast of a present. No really. Jeff and I had to tag team this in his garage. It took some effort; we were sweating. But we got it done! And just for your reference... Jeff is 6'6.

Then it was off to the party! My sister threw her a gymnastics party with a Minnie Mouse theme. A good time all around (if you were allowed to play on the equipment...) #adultprobs

Jeff, Brookie, Katy, aaaaaand Minnie

The Reeves women - I just love these two. 

 My sister and her besties. I may not be a mom, but they still let me hang out with them :) 

 Then it was time for cake (Minnie Mouse themed, of course) and presents! I love the picture on the left. Sweetest mommy/daughter combo ever. Jeff and I went for the cool aunt/uncle gig and got her a big girl slide. That girl LOVES to slide - can spend hours sliding. So we thought it was time we upgraded her to a larger version. After the party she asked if she could take it home to her house. Yes, sweet girl. You certainly can! Sorry, sis :)

 Saturday night, dad and I headed off to the ballpark for our fourth annual dad-n-daughter Rangers Game! Every year for Father's Day, I treat my dad to an evening at the Rangers ballpark. Our past three pictures are in blue, so we decided we both needed to wear red this year :)

 (Side note: my dad bought that shirt because he wanted the T to be seen from the TV. Your odds are good, pops!)

Also, this night was a baseball game changer for me. At games I usually watch a little, talk a little, play on my phone a little, shop a little, etc., but this game? This game I actually watched the whole game. Why is that you ask? Because we just picked up this sexy beast new pitcher. Helloooooo Cole Hamels. 

He used to play for the Phillies, but now he's a Texas Ranger and I am all over it. Like went to buy a T-shirt with his name on the back but they were already sold out all over it. And I got to witness his first game! It was a moment. Can you feel the moment? I can feel the moment. 

Hey boy. I'm watching you. 

Sunday morning is kind of humorous. So Lisa and I have a favorite brunch spot: Company Cafe. It's where we had my birthday brunch and everything. Well, we found out they were CLOSING one of their locations on August 11th, so Lisa and I made a date to meet for Sunday brunch on the 2nd. Well - we roll up and guess what....they closed early. So we sat in the parking lot in shock/outrage for a few minutes, and then proceed to brunch elsewhere. ...We didn't even get to say goodbye. 

This girl will always and forever be a blessing to me. We love Lisa.

Then Sunday afternoon, I found out I was famous! Okay maybe that's an exaggeration. But when I was in the grocery store that afternoon I get a text message from my sweet friend Paige with this picture:

This is from the August issue of the Baylor Magazine! Paige got married this past NYE, and all of her bridesmaids were Baylor graduates! She got married in Waco so this picture was actually taken on Baylor's campus. 30 degree weather. :) 

So I may not be famous, but I felt a lot cooler driving home from the grocery store than I did driving there!

Tuesday night: CMA Fest's "Country Night to Rock"" aired on television. Did y'all watch? Pretty entertaining. Or at least mine and Kristie's texts throughout the show were entertaining. So y'all know how I have a huge girl crush on Carrie Underwood, right? Like might pass out if I ever actually saw her type of crush? Okay. Let's just assess for a minute...

She had a baby end of February. This performance was beginning of June. Need help with the math? This is only three full months post-baby. Is that a joke? Did the girl do leg lifts while breastfeeding? Push ups while he napped? I mean good grief. 

Then last night Jeff and I went on a dollar-hot-dog-night-double-date with Emily and Landon! 

I mean, Emily and I totally had girl talk the whole time (though we did discuss Cole Hamels, as well) but it was such a fun night! I obviously love my girls, but I REALLY love when I also love their boys. And we love Landon :)

OH - and this was super exciting. Remember in my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post how I was talking about these Kate Spade earrings and how wonderful they are? Well - great minds think alike. Emily and I were basically a walking advertisement last night :)

Seriously in love with these earrings. I have three colors and don't plan on stopping. There are over 12 choices after all... :)

And if you were counting....YES that was my third Rangers game in a week. 

 And that's a little peek at my week! I will actually be "out-of-office" starting tomorrow through next week. I have a training conference up in Chicago so I'll be taking a bit of a break and focusing on work/traveling. See you back here mid-August!

Until next time,


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