Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday. We finally made it. 

Anyone else think it took its sweet little time getting here? I mean, goodness gracious. 

But alas, it's here. So let's party.

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1. Steve Madden "Paigely" Pumps

All credit goes to my girl Melissa for these. She snapchatted them to me yesterday and then since the adorable heels disappeared in 7 seconds, I immediately texted for details. And y'all these puppies are on sale right now for $75! (Originally $100) I'm trying to keep true to my 'no shopping in August' pledge, but I might cave on these. Plus, if you round up it's already September, right? Close enough :)

They come in four different colors. I'm struggling between the burgundy (above) and the blush. Thoughts?? Click here for the goods. 

2. Blue Bell is RETURNING

And the first flavor is VANILLA!!! My Hershey's chocolate syrup will be OH so excited. It's missed its partner in crime. The good news is it returns to shelves on August 31. The bad news? The phase 1 implementation is NOT in Dallas. What is THAT?! I mean I seriously considered driving my little tail to Houston on Monday just for a half gallon. I think this is a really good reason for a personal day. I also really think I need (and deserve) this shirt

 3. Micro Mesh Bra Wash Bag

 So this may sound silly, but this $5 bra washing bag has been a game changer. I used to hate washing bras. I felt the need to hand wash and no one likes a hand wash. So on a whim, my sister and I ran into the Container Store after a date night and I bought one. Again - for $5. Best investment ever. You can load about 3 bras in the bag (well - I guess that depends on the size of the bras, but you get my drift!) and throw them into wash with your normal clothes. And they stay sturdy and in shape! I realize you all probably have been using these for years, but this is definitely a favorite for me.

4. Favorite Quote of the Week

......word. This needs no other explanations. Where are my females? You know it's true.

5. Always Cardigan - J.Crew Factory

Hooooookay. I'm obsessed with this cardigan. And it's $24. TWENTY-FOUR. I saw this on one of my Like to Know It girls, and immediately wanted it. Like really really badly. And it's my nautical navy and white! But I will say, I'm equally obsessed with the port ivory/white

I mean I don't know what to do. I love the navy and white....because I love navy and white, but since nautical was my summer wardrobe, that bottom one just says fall to me. I think I just talked myself into the port ivory. But I'm not sure. Maybe I should get both just in case. (Also comes in gray/white and black/white)

Pssssst. I can think of a couple schools the port ivory would work out really well for! :)

Aaaaaaand as a BONUS FAVORITE: THIS guy is a huge favorite of mine this week. 

Charlie is probably the most high maintenance street doggy you'll ever meet. Like this kid has some serious skin allergies. Well thanks to the extremely dry weather over the past month, Itchy McGee has been out of control. 

Monday night I took him to the vet, we tried our third allergy drug, and guys....he is like a new dog. I think his allergy meds are happy pills. He just has a whole new pep in his step...and literally is smiling and tail wagging non stop. It's awesome :) 

PS this picture is him in my lap in the waiting room. A cat walked in, hissed at him, and he was whimpering and in my lap instantly. Guard dog at its best. I think he just wanted more attention from the receptionists :)

And that's all I got! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Until next time,



  1. Definitely the dusty port ivory! I need to score me one of them thangs, too :)

    1. Okay okay! And I know it's like the best deal!! But what about the shoes?! What color??

  2. I can't wait for Blue Bell to be on the shelves again! I especially liked the "Krazy Kookie Dough".

  3. I love the shoes and that cardigan. I had a cardigan like that a few years ago and I wore it until it fell apart. I've been looking for a new one like that.