Thursday, August 20, 2015

Girl Talk: Big Hair

Calling all females! Calling all females! 

For the [three] men out there who read this, you probably won't get much out of this post. You may keep reading, but you have been warned. I won't take offense if you click over to ESPN..

Alright ladies. We need to have some girl talk. 

'Cause I want big hair. 

Lately I've been getting ready in the mornings, and I get to the hair portion of my routine, and it's like the sky turns gray, rain clouds roll in, and sad sad music starts playing on the radio. 

I may be exxagerating a bit. But in all seriousness, I need to pump up the volume when it comes to my hair. And I mean that in the quite literal sense.


 Don't get me wrong, I love my hair, but I want to spice things up - and I need your help doing it. I have pretty fine hair, but I have so much of it. I always giggle when I'm getting my hair done for a wedding. They grab my hair and guess that it'll take 30 minutes or so to curl, and then by the 4th or 5th layer they're sweating and wondering where it's all coming from. 

Speaking of weddings, I love getting my hair done for weddings simply because those hairdressers are all about the volume. At my friend Emily's wedding everyone joked about how I looked like I had Miss Texas hair, and every time people commented, I secretly rejoiced inside. I'm Southern. I drink sweet tea. I wear aprons. I want big hair. Help me have the big hair. 

This is me at Em's wedding. I sent this picture to Jeff right after they took my hair down from rollers. Obviously it's a bit overstated for every day life, but my point do I get that volume?

So that's what I'm asking YOU fine folks. 

What volumizer/hair tool do you use? 

The only product I currently use in my hair is Kevin Murphy's Anti-Gravity Spray. And don't get me wrong, (when I remember to use it) I love it! But I need more options. Cause...

  Don't let me have boring hair. I beg you

You can comment on here, on facebook, you can text me, we can have coffee - I don't really care. But my inner product junkie just wants to know how do you get your volume?!

And, because when I googled "big hair" she popped up, I shall leave you with this:

Oh hey volume. Actually it's more like 'oh hey hair sylist.' Maybe I should just get me one of those....

Until next time,