Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites


First of all - let me just say you girls know your hair. I have a laundry list of things to try and it's all thanks to you! I also found comfort in that I'm not alone in my hair funk, so I'll definitely report back with my findings :)

Alright. Let's favorite. Linking up here and here this week!

1. Fall Preview 

The Dallas area got a sweet little preview yesterday: bearable weather. I took this screenshot as I was walking the pup and loving life. The only depressing thing was looking at the 10-day forecast and seeing that we'll be back in triple digits this weekend. What a tease. I am so beyond ready for fall. Pumpkin drinks return to Starbucks on September 4th. Not that I have a count down or anything... But it DOES lead me to....

2. Bath & Body Works - Pumpkin Everything

 My sister sent me this link the other day to all pumpkin things at Bath and Body Works, and I literally can't stop thinking about it. There is not much that gets me as excited as some pumpkin action (okay, maybe a little red and green) - but y'all. I mean really. It's basically September. That's close enough to October. Just do it. Indulge in the pumpkin.

3. Williams Sonoma Heritage Bundt Pan

If you were around here on Tuesday then you know about my new favorite bundt pan. This changes the game on baking. Bundt cakes are insanely simple, but when you can throw them in a cool shaped pan, they look infinitely more complicated (and impressive!). There's all different shapes - check them out here.

And if you need a recipe for the pan, you can check out my Dark Chocolate Chip recipe here :) 

4. Carrie Underwood - "Smoke Break"

Well, we all know I have a girl crush on Carrie, and last night at midnight her new single came out! Yes it was the first thing I listened to this morning. I just love her. AND her new album comes out October 23rd. Yes please and thank you I've missed you.

5. Baby Boy Blue Bell

SO, usually I just make mental notes of potential Friday Favorites throughout the week, and as of last night I still needed a number 5. THEN my friend Lauren sent me this video with "is this your child?" And when I watched it I knew it was my fifth favorite. You're welcome. We feel you baby boy, your tears are absolutely valid. We all only want Blue Bells.

And those are my five! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend everyone!

Until next time,


  1. That. Video. Haha! Love it! Found you on Friday Favorites. Have a great week!

  2. Love that bundt cake pan! So ready for fall :) Happy Friday!

  3. I am going to bath and body works tomorrow, I can't wait to see their Fall collection! - Seri from