Monday, August 24, 2015

This and That

Anyone? Anyone? 

This weekend FLEW by. It was Friday, I blinked, and it was Sunday evening.

 I'll be honest, I look a lot like that picture right now. It's like I'm drinking the coffee...but the caffeine is not quite making its way up to the brain. So we brew more. We brew more coffee. 

And since today is a typical Monday and the brain isn't yet to its full potential - we're just talking about a little this and a little that. 


First off - notice anything different?

Last night I created a new page called "The Author." I realized that when I look at new blogs, the first thing I do is look at their "about me" page. And then I realized that I didn't even have one! So I remedied that. Because I'm sure the world was slightly spinning out of orbit with the fact that it was lacking...


Secondly - this weekend I crossed the first thing off my {30} before Thirty bucket list! 

Saturday night, Amy orchestrated a group of us getting together to go to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth! We're both huge Nashville fans, so when we found out Deacon and Scarlett were performing, we were all over it! 

So this picture is not of them at Billy Bob's - but ironically they were dressed very similar to this last night. Nonetheless, it was a VERY successful night and I can't wait to go back! In fact...Sara Evans is playing this weekend. Anyone? :)

To see my complete {30} before Thirty list, click here


Thirdly - we have a mini movie review...

Last Wednesday night, Jeff and I made dinner and [finally] watched Insurgent. I had literally been itching to get to watch this. Okay, that's a lie, there was no physical itching. But I was pretty antsy. This trilogy was my absolute favorite book series...even more than the Hunger Games. I didn't have high expectations for the first movie installment (because I loved the book so much), but I was pleasantly surprised. ...and then Insurgent happened. 

Personally, I wasn't impressed. The only reason I was entertained wass because I couldn't really remember what happened next (it's been a few years since I read the books...), and Four (the male lead character). Other than that I was just not overly impressed. Should have kept those expectations pretty low. 

Then last night I felt like crawling in bed early, so I fired up The Longest Ride. Now this one? This one I liked. It was also a pretty spectacular sinus clean out as I certainly did my fair share of crying. If you love love - see this movie. It's a pretty sweet kind of love. 

OH - and the main male character here is also smokin' hot.


Side note: This coffee is STILL not clearing the cobwebs. I'm in such a Monday funk right now.

I want to eventually start a "Wednesday Wishlist" post (I love a good alliteration), but since that hasn't happened yet, I'll share this little scarf I discovered on Like to Know It

 I have a leopard scarf (different coloring) and I each fall. So I've been looking for a "supplemental scarf," if you will, and am really excited about this one. Buuuut it's currently out of stock. So looks like I'm not the only one that's a huge fan of it. I'll just have to keep checking back!


And finally, the girls and I got together for our first monthly book club over the weekend, and it just got me REALLY excited for reading. Then I discovered the Goodreads app. Do y'all know about this? Am I really just that lame and am just figuring it out? 

Anyways, you can keep a running read list/wish list, receive recommendations based on your current readings, and most importantly: share books with your friends! We were oh so book chatty at book club, and instead of making a list in my Notes app, I can apparently track all things reading here! Who knew? 

So if you did know about this and you're signed up - send me a book recommendation. Thanks!


And that's about all the this and all the that I have this morning. Happy 1st day of school to all you mamas of kiddos out there! The first day was always my favorite as a kid: reuniting with friends, having a new clean planner, and no homework. To all you working folks out out for school zones. 

Until next time,

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