Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Hello Wednesday. 
Goodbye August. 
Where ya at, fall? 

Since it's the last Wednesday of the month over here, we, as usual, are talking about what's up. 

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What I'm Eating This Week {Month}

Ironically, I was really excited to tell you that I've been eating fairly healthily the past two weeks! Then when looked back at my food posts this month, I realized the only foods I've shared are brownies and cake. Go figure. In my defense, my meals are pretty's just the post-meal indulgence that gets me. I'll try to share healthier recipes. Until then, you can check out the Strawberry Brownies and Dark Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake :)

What I'm Loving 

Guys...this is so bad, but I'm already planning my December evenings. It's still 95 degrees outside but I already have a laundry list of ho-ho-hos and fa-la-la-la-las. So right now I'm loving that Christmas is 3 months away (ish). But I love fall, too. So I can't skip over the fall. Must.contain.excitement. But only after this picture (insert wide eyed emoji).

What I'm Excited About

Y'all - I'm actually REALLY excited about football season! For those of you that know me know this is a big deal - cause I usually don't give two toots and a dern about sports. But I've gotten pretty into it. In two weeks a huge group of my people are going down to the Baylor game and I'm just so stinking excited. Football season stresses me out to some extent (lil too much confrontation for my liking), but nevertheless I'm really excited to get the ball rolling.

What I'm Watching/Reading

Well we are in the two week period when summer shows slow down and fall shows (slowly) start to premiere. Key word: slowly. Kelsey actually sent me a calendar invite last night for September 24th - when TGIT returns on abc. Because we take things like this so seriously that they indeed need a calendar invite. 

As far as reading, I've actually been reading a lot this past month! See my August book review here

 What I'm Wearing

Honestly, nothing too special this month. Why is that? Because I told myself I wouldn't shop in August. And guys....I've actually succeeded! (Five days left, I realize, but still - this is big). So really this month it's been a lot of business attire, work out clothes, and Rangers gear. 

Yesterday, I did start a Tuesday Shoesday post with some REALLY cute neutral wedges. Check out those puppies here.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

September is going to be a good month. Let's discuss:
  • the kick off of college football season
  • I'm headed to Scottsdale, AZ for a bachelorette party
  • reunions down at Baylor
  • my mom's birthday
  • my dad's birthday
  • the return of all my TV shows
  • two baseball games in California with my dad
  • the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte 
  • and *hopefully* the introduction to some cooler temperatures
    Big month, people. Big month ahead.
    And that's what's up this Wednesday! Have a great one, everybody!
    Until next time,



  1. Those strawberry brownies look AH-mazing and I'm not quite sure that I'm ready to push the Ho, ho, ho button just yet, but I'm definitely ready for Fall!! I love all of Elin Hilderbrand's books! She's one of my favorite authors and Blue Bistro is great!

  2. So excited for Fall & Christmas this year too! Love Erin Hilderbrand :)