Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sweet Mother of June.

That's what I said when my alarm went off this morning. 

I'm having heart palpitations. Someone hold me. 

So I have returned from my 12 day, four-state, multi-coastal jaunt.
Arizona? Check.
California? Check.
Chicago? Check.
Pennsylvania? Check.

I would have blogged more, but I was too busy living at the airport. If you look on your next visit, you can see that I was named "Flyer of the Month" in Terminal C.
Okay not really. But that should totally be a thing. #causeIwouldhavewon

I actually returned home late Monday night, but after work yesterday I refused to do anything remotely productive. I refused to unpack the four (yes, four) suitcases that are taking up my bedroom floor. I refused to cook dinner (to-go bag special for the win). I refused to go through the giant stack of mail. I refused to do laundry. I just refused it all.  It was the last day in May, and I was milking it for all it was worth. 

....because I have SO MUCH TO DO IN JUNE. 

People. I leave for Australia in 36 days. I have a couple more trips in June (yes really) that add up to 6 days, and a July lake trip for 4 days. So technically I'm down to 26 days. And there go the heart palpitations again. 

Not only do I have to pack for Australia, but I also have to pack up my current living quarters and shove them into Jeff's garage #freestoragebyboyfriendforthewin

But in full disclosure I still have zero idea how to pack for a 9-week trip, so I can't pack up the things I don't need until I know what things I do need. See my predicament?

Anyways. All that being said - I have decided to make a list. [insert your shocked face here]

I have a list of work things I need to get done before I go.
I have a list of Australian mobility things I need to complete. 
I have a list of travel plan to-dos I need to finalize.
I (will eventually) have a list of things to pack.

What I don't have? A list of ways to cram my summer into one month. 

When I get back to the good ole USA it'll be fall. And while I have a serious obsession with fall - I don't just want to miss out on summer altogether. So I'm making a list. I used to do monthly goals, and I guess this is a monthly goal of sorts. But titling this post "sweet mother of June" seemed a lot more festive than "June Goals."

All pretty self explanatory, but now that I look at it, it's primarily two things: 1) spend quality time with the people I love and will miss dearly, and 2) ensure I eat all important foods (ice cream, hot dogs, and Chick-fil-A) that they won't have in Australia. 

And while last year I celebrated my birthday for the entire month (you can read about it here), I'll be doing good to fit in one day this year. I took PTO from work....but let's be real. I'll probably be packing. Adulthood is lameo. 

Happy June everyone!

Until next time,


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