Wednesday, June 15, 2016

{30} Before Thirty - Year 1 Update!

I turn 28 today. 

Turning 27 'bout put me in the loony bin (it seriously freaked me out), but for some reason I'm okay with turning 28. Probably because it's an even number. #dontdoodds

-- This is likely the part where my mom and sister both have mild heart attacks because the baby of the family is turning 28 --

Last year, I put together a {30} Before Thirty list. Thirty things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. That gave me three years to do everything on this list, so average of 10 a year, which I thought was pretty reasonable. SO, on each birthday until I turn thirty (2018), I plan on giving a little recap to see how my progress is coming along. 

I've included a link by each one I've accomplished so far, so if you missed the happenings, just click to catch up! :)


1. Write my book - I've at least started....
2. Go to Nashville - how have I still not done this?
3. Take a cake decorating class
4. Go dancing at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth - Check!
5. Play one of my original songs on my guitar
6. Make homemade bread
7. Buy something David Yurman
8. See Carrie Underwood in concert....again. - Set for September!
9. Go to a blog conference
10. Cook a rack of lamb
11. Go to 10 baseball games in 10 different out of state stadiums with my dad - halfway there! Game 1, Games 2 & 3, Games 4 & 5
12. Go to CMA Fest in Nashville (different from #2)
13. Make chocolate croissants from scratch
14. Have a picnic in the Dallas arboretum
15. Go to movie theater and watch two films back to back
16. See another Broadway show in NYC
17. Visit Charleston, SC - set for this fall since my roommate is ironically moving there
18. Take a photography class
19. Go on a girls trip with mom and sister
20. Refurbish something for the home
21. Travel Overseas (more than once is okay!) - Check!
22. Cook an entire holiday meal (Thanksgiving or Christmas)
23. Learn how to do the Dirty Dancing jump
24. Treat my parents to an overly nice dinner - also set for this fall
25. Force my immediate family to go on another vacation
26. Take a sabbatical from work
27. Treat myself to a spa day
28. Rewatch the entire 'Brothers & Sisters' Series - started last week...
29. Join a small group at church
30. Perform on stage... as much as possible
I am not impressed with my progress! I have two things crossed off. TWO! So based on my average of 10 per year I am WAY behind, people! Granted, I've started a few more and some will happen this fall but holy toledo. 

I've decided I need someone to write this list out for me so I can put it somewhere visible (cough, hint hint, cough, LISA, cough). Because quite honestly, sometimes I just forget about it. For instance, on a Friday or Saturday night when I have nothing to do - why not make chocolate croissants from scratch or bake homemade bread? Some things will take time (i.e., forcing my family to go on another vacation), but some things I just don't think about on a regular basis. 

Oh great. Now I'm starting 28 all stressed.

Not really. 

But I totally slacked off at age 27 - but I'm older and wiser and more mature now, right? 28 will be a much more productive year. 

On a positive note, Don and I are rocking #10. In fact, game 6 is happening on Sunday. Maybe I've just been so focused on #10 (which in itself is 10 things so technically I'm doing 40 before thirty), that I just haven't really thought about the others. 

Well time to get cracking. 

Let's do this 28!!!!!
Until next time,


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