Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites

Well this week flew by! I guess with a holiday on Monday and me making like Stella all week (ya know, gettin my groove back) - we got to Friday before I even realized it! 

Today (per usual), I'm linking up for some Friday Favorites. So let's get down to business:

1 - JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling"

So I seriously can't get get enough of this song. It's my alarm clock song, it's my "first jam in the car on the way to work" song, it's going to be my summer theme's just a little bit of everything and then some. Two nights ago I actually had a dream about this song. The love is real. The music video is pretty amazing too. You can check it out here.


2 - Dear Clarke Volumizing Tonic

So I had a hunch this would be my favorite hair product, and then when I didn't have it on all my travels the past couple weeks (dang you 3 oz. rule!), I was reassured that it most certainly is. I normally don't use a lot of product in my hair, and when I do, I can use it some days and leave it the others. Yeah - not this little bottle of magic potion. I use it I spray/work it in my roots right before I dry my hair, and it visibly gives my hair more texture and volume. Like I'm not kidding. And it smells aaaa-mazing. You can buy it on Amazon, or you can pick up a bottle at your nearest Whole Foods. 

My #1 favorite hair product. This I promise you. 


3 - Ann Taylor Factory Striped Pencil Skirt

 I bought this skirt last week in Pennsylvania, and I'm in love. I wear a ton of pencil skirts to work, but this one? This one is special. It has no clasp, and no zipper. This thing is pure comfort: an elastic waistband and stretchy fabric. It's like yoga pants in skirt form. 

Ann Taylor Factory doesn't have an online website, but if you have an outlet near you with an Ann Taylor store, it should be there! Oh, because did I mention it's $35? Yes. Stretchy summer professional comfort for $35. That's a praise. 

And nevermind the rainy concrete - it's monsooning here in Dallas. 


 4 - Trader Jo''s Bon Bons
 How am I (almost) 28 years old and I just discovered Bon Bons? These things are frozen drops of heaven. Kelsey and I discovered these in the Trader Joe's freezer section and our lives were forever changed. They come in a little pack of twelve, so you can treat yourself to one a night (only 50 calories each!), OR sit on the couch and share a box with your roommate. Whatever works :) 

I mean it's vanilla ice cream on a cookie crust dipped in chocolate - why wouldn't you give them a try? 


5 - Sweet Pup Snuggles

Like I told you on Wednesday, I'm working on soaking up lots of quality time this month before I head to Australia, and that includes snuggling with this 80 pound lap dog. I just don't know what I'd do without this sweet boy. He is always excited to see me - every time I walk in the door. One of my favorite phrases is "be the person your dog thinks you are." And I know this sweet boy is my #1 fan, and I never want to let him down. And yes that's me under him. That's a living, breathing, electric blanket right there.


And those are my favorites this week! This weekend is filled with wedding festivities (I'm dating the best man!) and then I'm headed to Boston for my annual eye appointment. Prayers for safe travels and good news are much appreciated!

Have a great weekend everyone! And if you're in Dallas... #justkeepswimming

Until next time,


  1. Yes to #1!!!! Can't get enough.

  2. Hope you had a great time in my home state of Pennsylvania. Really loving that skirt! Thanks for the tip on that volumizer. My hair is so flat - can't wait to try it!